Get to target this Time! promise to myself!


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Well This time I want to get to my target weight without messing about and going up down and round and round.

My story so far:
I gained 3.5 stone with my 1st child in 1999 and got to above 13.7lbs and am 5 feet 9! my dress size went up to 16/18 and my thighs rubbed and i felt fat and horrible. I went on a family holiday to Ibiza with my size 10 mom and 10 sister and i felt like a whale. to top it off whilst hiring a pedalo my sister and her boyfriend sat on the front and i was on the rear, it sunk and the man said for me and my sister to swap. it hurt and with this and the AWFUL photos i made plans to lose weight.

I found slimming world, and god how glad i was, no more starving no more feeling i couldnt diet it was great i lost nearly 2 stone and then had my 2nd son, this time only gaining 1 stone after giving birth as i still followed the principles of slimming world. I then gradually as always been a bit of a stuggle to stick to it 100% got down to my target weight of 10 stone. 3 and 1/2 stone lighter, i loved being a size 10/12 and felt so much better even if needed to tone up to be totally confidant. On the journey to reach target i also split from husband and started a 4 year journey to get a degree. which i now have!!

Then I met the most wonderful man, who has an amazing family and who took on my children on and makes my life wonderful!!! I did start to gain about 10lbs being happy and socialising lots and then we had baby number 3!! he was born feb 2011 and is a very handsom boy!! but i didnt bother with slimming world plan at all and in feb weighed 12 stone 9.5lbs. 1 did get down to 11 stone 5 by xmas, but should have been at target. i mess with plan and go out a lot, cheat on chocolate and sweets and really annoy myslef if i stuck to the diet 100% then i'd lose weight consistantly and get to taget soooo much quciker. I want to lose weight each week like so many people do. So now i will rejoin my class tonight that i was at before christmas , i will stay each week and at 11.12lbs again!!! I will get this weight going down and want to promise myself through being honest on here, that this time will be different and this 19lbs i need to lose will be gone by the veryyyyy latest my birthday in may, but boy oh boy do i want it before then!!!!!:family2:
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Hello and welcome and well done for everything you've achieved before :)

You sound determined and that's half the battle, keeping a diary on here should motivate you and you'll make lots of friends and gain support along the way :)