Get Well Soon Diva......


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When You're Not Here

When you are ill,
our sun goes under a cloud.
Your presence in our lives
is such a bright joy
that everything seems in shadow
when you're not here.
When you aren't feeling well,
we feel the lack
of your glowing energy
and contagious vitality.
When you are sick
we feel incomplete,
like a jigsaw puzzle
with a missing piece;
Please rest,
take good care of yourself,
and feel better.
We miss you
and want you back.
Get well soon.

Love Kamilla xxx
Awwwwwwwww thanks guys....Kam, that is soooooooo sweet!!! xxxx

I've not been well for a while now but am finally taking all advice and getting some rest and chilling out for a bit...I may not be able to talk but I can still type!!! :D

I was shocked to see you really aren't well today and I want you back to normal....we need a date to go xmas shopping!!! xx
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Darling Diva,

get well soon and in the meantime enjoy these messages that show you just how much we all care.

lots of love
Aw Diva. Sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly.

You take care. Lots of rest and get everyone to pamper you.