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  1. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    So my weight is 9 stone 13 as of 21/06 (not as bad as I thought but still a way to go!)

    Here are a list of small goals. I need small ones because I'm not looking to lose weight in a big rush.

    Lose that first pound!
    3 pounds lost (9st 10)
    5 pounds lost (9st 8)
    Half a stone lost yay! (9st 6)
    9 pounds lost (9st 4)
    11 pounds lost (9st 2)
    13 pounds lost (9st)

    I'll add some more goals as I start achieving them but this looks quite doable for me at the moment. :)


    I'm mainly just writing this so I can keep on track of what I'm eating. A couple of years ago I went from 13 stone to 9 stone in about a year. The past year I've found it hard to maintain my weight and it keeps creeping up but I'm too scared to weigh myself!

    With it practically being Summer I want to wear whatever I want but am struggling to fit in my nice clothes :cry:

    So here is my motivational picture to keep me on track (taken about a month ago). I know I'm not 'massive' but still bigger than I'd like to be. I'll hopefully weigh myself tomorrow!

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  3. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    Day one!

    Oh by the way I estimate calories a lot because trying to find exact calories is so time consuming and boring.

    Weetabix, banana + milk = 250 kcal
    Leafy rice noodle salad + balsamic vinegar = 150 kcal
    Curried vegetable soup + soya cream = 500 kcal
    Soya yoghurt = 100 kcal
    Marmite rice cakes = 100 kcal
    Baked beans & Linda McCartney sausages = 350 kcal
    Piece of toast + marg = 150 kcal

    Total cals: 1600

    Hmm.. was aiming for lower than that but have been super hungry. I did go to Zumba class for an hour though. Maybe weighing tomorrow will shock me into doing better!
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  4. nurseberyl

    nurseberyl Well-Known Member

    Hi! you are really cute! good luck and good luck with facing those scales!
  5. Samalama

    Samalama Well-Known Member

    Oh good for you getting back on the wagon so to speak!

    Do you have a smart phone/blackberry? Calorie counting used to frighten me half to death until I downloaded My Fitness Plan which has nearly ever food and portion known to man on there :)
  6. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Well-Known Member

    goodluck :) xx
  7. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    Noo I have a very old but reliable Nokia. Thanks for all the support though guys! Didn't expect any responses really!
  8. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Well-Known Member

    Hey, and welcome. You don't need a phone to use myfitnesspal. I haven't got it on my phone (because its not a bloody android (whatever that is) but thats another story). If you have got the internet then you can join. I highly reccomend it. It was introduced to me when I was on minimins saying the same thing as you. I couldn't work out how everyone was so accurate with their calorie counting and thought I was stupid, then I realised how they were doing it. Have a look and join up, then we can all add you as a friend.

  9. Bostik

    Bostik Well-Known Member

    Good luck! :)
  10. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    I think I'll join that website if I don't lose weight by doing rough calorie counting but thanks for showing me it :)

    Off to zumba in a bit!
  11. Legomom

    Legomom Well-Known Member

    Good luck :) an enjoy zumba!!

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  12. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Love the sleeve! ;)

    Good luck x
  13. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Well-Known Member

    I was just going to say that!!!!
  14. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    Thanks :D
  15. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    So I'm starting at 9 stone 13lbs and feeling motivated today.

    Porridge + raisins = 250 kcal
    Baked beans & Linda McCartney sausages = 350 kcal
    Tomato soup = 200kcal
    'Chicken' and vegtables = 320 kcal
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  16. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Hey, I know this is quite a personal question, but I'm nearly at my goal weight and I'm a little curious about maintenance. I know you said that you too reached goal, but then put a little of the weight back on - where do you think you went wrong? I'm just trying to get as much advice as I can :D
  17. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    I think I lost weight too quickly and that means you put it on quicker. I also moved closer to my work so didn't have to cycle in any more so am getting less exercise. Also I live by LOADS of takeaway places so there is a lot of temptation around!! So it's a combination of things really. I think maintaining is really hard.
  18. Mixxi

    Mixxi Well-Known Member

    Not been here as have been mega busy with family related stress! Been doing okay. I only want to lose a pound or two a week so hoping I will have by next weigh in although I am going out drinking Thursday AND Saturday. Oh dear!!
  19. Legomom

    Legomom Well-Known Member

    Boo family related stress!! :( good luck for WI :)

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  20. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    I plan sticking to good ol' exercise so fingers crossed I should be ok on that department if I just stick with it :) Thanks for the advice, I'm trying to get as many tips as I can!
  21. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Well-Known Member

    I used to estimate cals... then when I had my first gain in August I started to weigh and realised I spent most of the time in denial, lol!!! I'm very jealous of people who can be realistic about food!!! Welcome and good luck. x

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