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getting back on that wagon!

hi all!! need a wee bit of help from the successful masses! cant seem to get the hang of this AT ALL. wondering if anyone has struggled alot at the start and then been ok afterwards? i would really love to lose it this time! binge stories welcome! xx:break_diet:
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Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi hun

Sorry you seem to be struggling. Im cant really count as a "success" yet as ive only been on them a short while.

What do you seem to be struggling with?
Im sure the wiser xenical bunch will be along soon to help you, but didn't want to read and run.
Good luck xxx


Violet is shrinking
I didnt want to read and run either,so i thought i'd say hi :D

what are you struggling with?

Hi there, def don't think I am a success story yet but I have been struggling this weekend. Everyone here has been great so all I can say is stick with it, we will all do it together good luck xx


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there have been moments where i have just wanted to throw in the towel, give up and say sod it. i want that chocolate, curry and nachos!!

but ive had a super goal to work towards (my dress)

maybe you need to get something to work towards... is there anything happening (wedding your going to, party... birthday..) that you could say right. i need to get to such and such for then... find an out fit.. and really push yourself to do it...

if you are struggling, go see your dr... see what they say... if you dont think that will help. maybe have 1 planned day off, where you can enjoy something either it be a meal out, or a takeaway.. at the end of the day, this is a learning experience on how to change our lives for the better... we are going to be faced with times when we are going to eat out, in but it be fattening.... we just need to learn how to get our bodies to go ok... i am going to be eating that.. but im not going to be keeping it...
do it 1 time a month... or 1 time every couple of weeks... see how you go...
go look at my recipie page and have a look at some of the recipies that are on there... if its a takawy you fancy, i can garentee i can make it nicer and find a better recipie for you... just ask away...

have you thought of joining something like weight watchers/slimming world... i have found this has been fab!!! its really motivated me to push myself that little bit further because i didnt want to embarres myself!!

Good luck and if there is anything i can do to help please ask :)
well, i am starting collage and moving to a new place next september, so i guess thats a really good goal! its probably because me and my partner and both big people and he hates saying no to me! i think we enable each other. ive been trying really hard the last few days and i seem to be getting back into it, i think weightwatchers is a great idea kes! lost 2 stone before so who knows!! also thinking about doing slimfast or something thereabouts....thanks guys! (hugs)


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well ive done slim fast, so if you have any questions just ask ok love.
we are all here for ya hun!


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i did the full slim fast plan. 2 shakes 1 meal and 3 100 cal snacks.. :)

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