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Getting back on the wagon!


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Hi everyone!!
I basically started SW in Feb of this year, by end of May I had lost 2 and a half stone, met my now boyfriend, and have put on a few pounds and not even bothered with the plan over the last five months. Feel like all my motivation has slipped away, but I'm now hoping and praying for a new start again! Anyone got any tips for getting back on the wagon? It feels a million times harder doing it now than when I first started! Probably because I've been stuffing my face with anything I've wanted over the past five months!! I'm off to travel the USA next July and I'm determined to be down from my 12st 10lbs now, to at least 11st. I need a kick up the a**! Please, somebody, do it! :) xxxxxxx
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My advice - don't look back. Put it all behind you and start afresh. Look forward to all the scrummy SW food and watch the pounds drop away. Good luck :)
OMG....i feel like i have just read my own story......i lost weight last year, met my boyf in FEB and have eaten anything and everything up until now!!
Light bulb moment i now need to lose it all again, we are going NYC in June next year but i would really like to some before xmas!



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Awww thankyou Snugglepuss, think it's something to do with losing control when you meet somebody, kinda felt like I just didn't care cause he likes me how I am! I've now realised though that it's about ME liking ME how I am!!! So lets both kick eachother up the a** and get moving!!!! :) Good luck snugglepuss!!!! xxxx
Getting back on the wagon is not easy is it?! Im jumping back on tomorrow after 6 weeks off plan :( we moved house, couldnt find my books and also didnt have a cooker . . :sigh: anyway I have stood on the scales at home so that the shock wont be so bad tomorrow . . im not liking what they are saying at all!! Plus my scales at home are a lb or 2 less than the ones at group too :cry: Im dreading it!!! But its got to be done! Good luck :)

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