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Getting close to Refeeding!


Here we go again!
Hi everyone.

I only have just over a week until I start refeeding and am finding it getting more difficult. Did anyone else have this as they got closer to refeed?

Really feel as though I want to eat and am struggling a little. I am determined to wait until that Saturday but just feel as though I am getting hungry every now and then and haven't had this on this before. Do you think it's just cos I'm counting down to refeeding?

Thanks for any replies.
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Hiya hun

Im starting refeed next Tues or Wed. That is so wierd that youve said that cos ever since I decided to do it then Ive been getting hungry lol. I still dont wana actually physically eat but the hunger is there. and Im def still in Ketosis as I just have the shakes and water. So it must be our heads making us get hungry.

Whats helping me is the thought that this may be the last week where Ill see a huge loss when I step on the scales. Im guessing the loss slows down somewhat when we are back eating, so I just wana get off any extra bit I can before then hehe ;)
Have you made out your refeed menu yet? It sounds wierd but I found it helped cos I was able to say.....well thats what Ill be having next week and its only a few days so I can hang in there....

Think Im waffling now lol but hope it helps. Roll on the lettuce eh? ;) lol
Missy :)


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Bev - i am glad i am not the only one!!! I have a couple days more than you to go but i do think its psychological! My belly rumbles these past couple days have become very embarassing!!!

Personally i think its because we are counting down the days/sleeps and mentally preparing ourselves for food again.

I have faith in you you wont eat, infact that was stupid to say cuz i know you wont - just keep yer head up lover only a little while longer and you will be there.

Maybe if we try get it out of our minds it will disspear? Easier said than done right! :sigh: xxx


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I think it's deffo psychological. I started looking at refeeding threads when Mary started eating again. This was weeks before I was due to and I found I became really unsettled and dissatisfied.I had to put my TFR head firmly back in place, stop reading them and forget about it till nearer the time.

About 2 weeks before I was due to start I made out a menu and a shopping list and then again tried to forget about it till I started.

If you can, try to make the most of these last days. This may be the last time in your lives that nutrition is so easy for you. After this you're going to have to shop (and SPEND!) prepare, cook and then eat! Wash all those dishes etc. etc. Life may never be this simple again!! ;) :) xx


Here we go again!
Thanks for the replies, glad I'm not alone in this.

I have made out menus for refeeding and also some more healthy meal ideas for after refeeding.

There's no way I will eat before I start refeeding but it's so close now I just can't wait!!

I have to say, I have found LT pretty easy all along. I have had my weak moments but just told myself I want and need to lose this weight. I think the struggle will begin when I start eating again but I am well prepared for that battle!
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Hi MiniB, just want to wish you all the best for re-feeding, if you follow it to the letter, you will be fine.


Here we go again!
Thanks Sharon. I plan to follow it to the letter for 2 weeks then 5 days later I am off on hols! Woohoo!!
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Woohooo hols heehee :D

Ya Im feeling the same as you hun, Ive found the TFR really easy (which is wierd for me with my baaad willpower). Could easily stay on it for ages more. But now I know Im starting refeed, Tues cant come quick enough lol. Was such a distant concept in the back of my mind til now!!

What day are you starting it hun? How are the rumbles today? ;)


Here we go again!
I'm starting refeeding on saturday, this saturday and can't believe it's finally coming. Rumbles aren't too bad today, weekends I find OK cos I have my weigh on saturday and that keeps me going for the next few days. Come about Wednesday that's when I'll really want to eat again. I wont but I will want to. Roll on saturday.

Good luck for refeeding on tuesday little miss mini!


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Hiya Bev, Well done for getting so far!!

Bet you cant wait to start eating again!!

Have you got your menu planned?? xxxx


Here we go again!
Thanks Chels. Can't believe it's been over 23 weeks since I ate anything.

I do have a menu planned out and can't wait to start it. Even though it's been 23 weeks now, the time really has flown by. No other diet has the time passed so quickly. Wonder why?


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Bev Bev Bev!! Not long to go!!!! :)

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