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Getting into Running


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Hi. Am following the SW programme and want to get into running.

I am far then fit, but do attend the gym. I have ended this contract as its become to expensive now.

Have been told that by running it helps the weight to "fall" off you.. so I want to do this.

I am not a good runner, quite heavy up top, so need to warm up to do this and eventually progress.

Have no clue as to how I start other then getting my trainers on and going for it,. but know there is more in it then that.. lol

Any tips please?

Nikki :D
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The c25k is fab!! Highly recommended for beginners and it allows you to build up over time. It is 9 week programme and it advises you to run start stop to be able to build up to run 5k!! If you have an iphone, there is a brill app that you can use when your running and it tells you when to run and when to walk. Not sure about other phones, but I'm sure there will be apps for them too!!

I really recommend the c25k too, I struggled to run for even a minute at a time when I started earlier this year, but by using c25k I actually ran the race for life in 31 minutes yesterday! X


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I started with c25k too! Went for my first run in Feb, did race for life in June in under 30mins and am now working my way up to 10K!!

Running is brilliant. As long as you start off slowly and gradually allow your body to get used to it you will be fine. And it's great for toning, it's made such a difference to my tummy, thighs and calves :)

Some good tips on this thread too from a few months ago:



Now to maintain.....
i just printed out the couch to 5k......i dont have an ipod or posh phone,lol so was well chuffed to find a printable version!
my friend does it and has gotten on ok so im inspired to try it!
If you enjoy books, theres a good one called 'Running made easy', its very good. I should read it again myself :D

Dont forget a good sports bra is a must as well as good trainers :)
I've just downloaded the c25k app but I'm confused!

It says there's a calorie count bit if I enter my weight but the only place I can see I can enter my weight is in the goal section - is this the right place or is this a goal weight?!

Ta xx


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There is also a couch to 10k which takes 13 weeks, rather than 9 but is actually a little steadier at the start than the c25k.
(if you scroll down the scedule is there for the runs, you don't need to get the app)

I'd like to say I have used them but I didn't get past week 1 of c25k due to sheer laziness on my part :eek:


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This thread sounds amazing... I have a fabulous yet very very skinny friend (Cow lol ;) ) who runs all the time & she worked her way up slowly & now runs 10miles a day xxx

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Hi I would love to run! Have tried to bet get exhausted quickly and then give up. I do kickboxing 3 times a week and running would help my stamina. I'm going to try that app! Do you think running out and about is better than treadmill? X
Running really is the best exercise I've done and trust me I've done them all- I started 3 weeks ago and had read up on the c25k but thought I'd adapt it to suit me- I chose a playlist of good songs on my iPod and I jog for 1 song walk the next- it was hard going in the first week and I did ache all over- but after 3 weeks I can run for 3 songs and probably more!! I love running it clears my head and really motivates me if I need to binge- its not good for me to have too many days off as I start to feel sluggish and can't be bothered again!!! But it is recommended to have rest days especially at the start!!


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I started running about a year ago, mapping small routes in a circle - so round the block etc. The added laps as I got used to running, and two weeks ago I completed my first 10k in 1 hour 8 mins!

Definitely worth persevering with, even sometimes when you are finding it tough as it will get easier and you'll find you are doing more distance without even thinking about it.

My only other advice is to invest in s good pair of running shoes. I used to get terrible blisters on my arches whenever I went running, so I went to sweat shop and they helped me pick out a pair suited to my feet and how I land ( as we all are different!) and it's made a huge difference.

Good luck and enjoy x


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Hi Eternal- do you have an Ipod as there is a free podcast you can download for the C25k. There are a couple actually.. HTH :)

Hi Laura

No, I've jut got the Nokia ExtressMusic phone. I know there are some apps are this, but not sure how to download and if it would work on it?

thanks xx
No, I've jut got the Nokia ExtressMusic phone. I know there are some apps are this, but not sure how to download and if it would work on it?

thanks xx

You should be able to download the podcasts onto this phone, i'm not exactly sure how you would do it but here's the website I got them from for the 5K: Couch to 5k - C25K Running Program

I didn't always use the podcasts though to be honest, they are good but get a bit repetitive after a while.

You can print off the running schedule from here: Cool Running | The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan

and just time yourself on your watch or phone.

Best of luck! :)

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