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Getting married in 2012 - where to start. . .


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Well OH and I have been together 12 years, have 2 kids, and have decided to get married.

OH says Nov 2012, to give him time to save, I say we can have the wedding earlier then just pay it off - we end up with the same amount of money at the end - ;) But then, I am impatient.

Anyway, we have agreed we can't get married until we have both lost weight - so here I am, 2 weeks in CD and trying hard to get some weight off, left behind by 2 kids :sigh:

So - I have a ring, our family and friends all know, but I haven't yet had a proposal (long story) and I don't have a date. Or any idea where to start with planning a wedding.

But - I am on a diet, I will lose weight, and I will get my pwn way about an earlier wedding - :p:D

Any fellow BTB want to share their wedding plans and ideas to get me started?
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Congatz on your engagement for starters.
Anyway, the way I started was to write a list of all the things I would need, then make rough estimates of how much things would cost (after talking to people who have got married recently). Then you need to see if this is within your budget and where you would like the money to be spent and where you can save a few quid!
Personally I would start with the venue and go from there. Some places also have a list of people they have used eg florist, photographers, car hire etc, which will then at least give you an idea. Also wedding fairs are a nice way to spend an hour or so on a Sunday for some general ideas. Hope that helps on the wedding front!
Good luck for your diet, keep us posted on your progress. x
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Hey hun!

I am also a mum of two and looking to get married nov 2012 (we are going to view venue next weekend and hopefully book then) I would say the first step is to find a venue you want to use as even if you pick a date , the venue may be fully booked for that day... once you have a venue you can clarify the date and then get on with rest of plans?

One thing, if you borrow money to pay for wedding then surely you will have to pay interest too? I personally would wait until you have saved the money - If you have waited 12 years already I am sure another year is nothing - But that is just my opinion! lol I hate to hear of people going in debt for the sake of one day!

Good luck :) xxx


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Scary Stuff!

My OH and I found each other in school when we were both 12, even so the whole wedding thing is that terrifying, we are getting on a plane together alone, leaving everyone here, and turning up at the county courthouse on 2nd April 2012 in Las vegas and getting hitched for $55 :)
We both have 6 stone to lose too, and obviousley thats our incentive, but im not sure i could have handled the planning, the diet, and the sheer worry of everything, and also the confidence it would take to be the centre of attention for the day..just couldnt do it, so i take my hat off to anyone that can! as well as recommending you just take the easy way out like we did! good luck though! xx

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