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  1. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    So I have finally decided to address the elephant in the room (sadly to true to be funny) my weight.
    I have always been what kind people would refer to as curvy, the not so kind well less said the better.
    Last year my husband left to start a new life with another woman, and instead of being distraught and losing my appetite I turned to food. I guess it's only in books where you can't eat lose loads of weight and look amazing when you next meet!!! So a year later and I have finally accepted what has happened, moved on with my life, and got my act together! The last piece is now addressing my weight issue.
    I work crazy shifts with no regular patten, so I have decided to join weight watchers online, I have read through so many peoples journeys on here, been inspired and gained confidence in my ability to do this.
    My start weight is a shocking 23st 11.5lbs! Scales where banned from my house until this week! So even though I knew it was going to be a lot of weight to lose I was still stunned.
    I have a 16 year old son who is extremely supportive and I am 39 years old, I know this is not going to be a quick fix, but excited at the prospect of weight less when I hit 40!! I have no goals other than weight loss. I feel putting my diary online will give me a level of accountability.
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  3. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    So my journey started Tuesday, did the typical I will start after the bank holiday! I have a mammoth 49 points a day! Thought that was what everyone had until I looked here I saw some had 26! I am guessing my points go down with weight loss??

    Breakfast nothing bad and I will address.

    Lunch sushi pack 9pp

    Chicken 5pp
    Peppers 0pp
    Onions 0pp
    Fajita pk mix 1pp
    Low fat cheese 5pp (was stunned how little the amount was)
    Sour cream 2pp
    Lettuce leaves instead of tortilla wrap 0pp

    Bagel 6pp
    Pastrami 2pp
    Mayo 2pp
    Picked cucumber 0pp

    Ski mouse 2pp
    Oddities 2pp
    Muller light 2pp

    That works out at 39pp
    Was shocked at 10pp being left over as it was a filling day, just made better choices.
  4. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member


    Breakfast home made smoothie 2pp

    Lunch warburtons thins x 2 6pp
    Pastrami 1pp
    Mayo 2pp
    Pickled cucumber 0pp
    Mexican cheese 2pp

    I made a low fat chicken and mushroom pie, I worked out the entire meal was 16pp but my eyes where bigger than my belly!! So left a lot
    White wine 8pp

    Treats ski mouse 2pp
    Square crisps 3pp
    X 3 tangerines 0pp

    Again 9 pp under, I am not sure if it is advised to eat all your points?? I may have a rethink if so and add some healthy high point foods, such as nuts and avocado.
  5. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Hey Bea I thought I would come and subscribe to your diary and give you my support. As a fellow weight watcher with that bit extra to lose I know how daunting it can be. I'm far from a guru but if I was to give you any advice it would be to use all your points, dailies and weeklies because they decrease as you slim down and you will miss them when they're gone. Oh and what took me a little while to get my head around was I don't lose big numbers like they do on the Biggest Loser ranch (don't know if you've seen the show) I'm aiming for 2.5lb a week and taking it half a stone at a time.

    Well done on taking the first step, good luck and I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines :-D xx
  6. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Not doing ww at the min but I'm here to subscribe and wish u luck on your journey. Kay x
  7. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    Thanks scarlet, I guessed you should eat all of your points daily. Norm would have no issues or I would not be this size, but I did a classic of throwing all food out, doing a massive low fat food shop and now things I may have enjoyed before are a low fat version and a lot less points. Also I think I have that get up and go motivation and bizarrely my appetite seems a lot less. Long May that continue. I had planned on keeping my 49 weeklies for the weekend, dam wine for being so high!! But I am nights for 6 starting tomorrow so a dry run for me x
  8. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    Think you Kayleigh, I have a feeling support will be required rather soon! I feel determined now but I imagine there will be many bumps on my journey x
  9. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Good plan with the weeklies. I save them for a chinese or some munchies on movie night. Wine wise I've heard there are some lower point options that don't mean no alcohol in them cos let's face it where is the fun in that? Black Tower do one that a few people rave about and it's 11 pp for the whole bottle. Not bad eh? xx
  10. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    Will have to check the low wine options out! I am going to Belgium the end of sept, will no doubt be bringing a few bottles home with me. I am partial to a gin and tonic also, mind my serving size is so not like the recommended for 2pp!
    I love you can have Chinese food with this plan, it seems you can still enjoy yet just have to be more mindful. X
    I am racking my brain on food to take to work with me whilst nights! I norm rely on lots of snacking food that are high in sugar, I have been convinced it gives me energy. How much fruit do you eat a day?? Seems insane it's point free.
  11. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    It is 0pp but it still has cals so I tend to steer clear of things like grapes because I can sit and eat a whole punnet. Not what WW intended us to do lol Bananas are the highest in cals so only have a few of those a week but I don't limit apples, peaches or nectarines which are my faves. Problem with sugar is it gives you that initial burst of energy then you crash. How about sachets of porridge? Slow release carbs so no crashing and you can add fruit to that to jazz it up? I couldn't live without Chinese in my life I just choose healthier options and eat less of it. Instead of chicken balls and sweet and sour sauce i share a chicken fried rice with my other half and have chicken with mushrooms or something similar xx
  12. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    Today's food so far.

    Breakfast 2 poached eggs 4pp
    Mushrooms dry fried 0pp
    2 slices brown bread 5pp
    I don't normally do breakfast, but pushed myself this morning, the biggest thing I noticed i felt more hungry at lunch time, guessing that makes sense as it got my metabolism going.

    Lunch warburtons thins x 2 6pp
    Pastrami 2pp
    Mayo 2pp
    Pickled cucumbers 0pp
    Cherry tomatoes 0pp

    Chilli made with a low fat jar but still lots of points
    10pp bulked it out with peppers determined to make my own next time could save lots of points.
    Rice 6pp I was stunned at how little it seemed especially compared to how much I normally have.
    Sour cream 2pp

    Pkt of ritz crackers 3pp

    Works out at 40pp I have 9 left, may have some coco and a treat before bed.
  13. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Food looks yummy ;) was going to say earlier try cauliflower rice instead of the usual brown or white rice. Zero pp and I like the taste, easier to make and quicker too xx

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  14. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    I had to google cauliflower rice, it's a genius way to save a fair few points.

    Food for the next 6 days will be odd, I am working 6 night shifts . I norm eat lots of cakes, crisps, chocolate, pasties, pizza slices any thing that's bad for you really! Will be interesting to see how it goes. I plan on having as little points throughout the day and saving them for nibbling through the night.
  15. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    A quick coffee break and boy do I need one!!!

    Yesterday's food
    Breakfast nothing had a lie in to prepare for nights
    Sainsburys bgty burger 3pp
    Dry fried onions 0pp
    Cheese slice 1pp
    Warburtons thin 3pp
    Salad 0pp

    Omelette with 3 eggs and mushrooms 5pp

    Snacks for work (that I actually managed to eat)
    Bagel 6pp
    Pastrami 1pp
    Mayo 1pp
    Square crisps 3pp
    Ski mouse 2pp
    Cheddar cheese 3pp
    Grapes 0pp

    Works out at 28pp!!! Need to rethink for tomorrow night.
  16. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    Work has been rather busy and my food has been all over the place, boo to working nights, the only positive I have kept within my points. Weight in day is tomorrow. Excited to see if I have lost any!!!
  17. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Good luck for weigh in hun I'm sure you've done great xx

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  18. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    I am extremely happy . I have list 7lbs!!!!!!!! Did a little dance after getting off the scales!
    The only issue is i typed the results into my weight watcher app and my points have gone up to 51????? Very confused so I checked on my laptop and it says 51 there also. I thought points went down when you lost weight!!! Think there is some glitch.
    I also have an early lunch in harvester booked. Not sure what I can have, will check their menu out online. Then home for a much needed sleep.
  19. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Well done you! that's a great start and your first half a stone gone. What were your points before? I'm on 61 a day, shorter than you but a lot heavier don't know if that helps xx
  20. Lemai

    Lemai Silver Member


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  21. beaxx80

    beaxx80 Full Member

    I was on 49 a day, popped in my new weight it is now 51!!!!! Thought the iPhone app was playing up so checked online, still 51pp. I have checked I put the correct weights in etc. I know my points would have not gone up so should I drop by 1 or 2 pp?? Might give them a ring later.
    Looked on the website for harvester but they have changed their menu recently so no nutritional values for me to work from. Does the 40 call = 1pp work??

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