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Getting My Contraceptive Implant Changed - All Changed!


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Anyways, have spoke on here before about me having my damn totm for 13weeks now straight and so monday i am getting my implant changed!!

Its due to be changed in august but as i have a couple holidays this year i want it done and dusted before i go on my first.

I am hoping this will help settle my never ending totm - but we shall see!

Although i am expecting them to be quite badly affected at first... but hey ho - the things i do to not have kids!!!

Anyone else had the implant changed?

My best mate had it done a few weeks ago, said it was agony after and they had to insert it lower so double whammy - i had mine done not long after her so hopefully mine wont need to go lower!
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Lovin it !!! :)
ever considered the injection?

I have had this for the last 4 years - its fab - every 12 weeks and not had a period since I started having the injection - no side effects - nothing


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I have but i just couldnt have an injection every 3 months. The implant lasts for 3 years and is just convient for me.


I will do this!!!
I had my implant taken out a few weeks ago, didn't have it changed but i cant see it being that bad. They cant put it back into the same place so they would have to put it in a different place in the arm so two cuts at the same time. I wouldn't worry about it it just a tiny cut.
Hiya Summer, i had mine changed back in January, they took out of my right arm and put the new one in the left, they won't put it back in the same place, they have to swap sides, to be honest, i find with the implant that i always need a course of either norathisalone or the pill for 2 mths when it has been changed to help it settle down.......if not i have TOTM constantly. i like the fact that it last 3 years what i don't like is how gaining or losing weight messes it up:)

i've whinged to my mates mum (shes dr at a wellwoman clinic) and she says its because oestrogen is stored in fat and as we lose or gain weight it has to re-regulate it self.......:)

good luck with the change, it didn't really hurt, just a bit of pulling


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Oooh i didnt know that it HAD to go in a different place, maybe i misunderstood her wrong when she said that one will be taken out and another put back in :sigh: nevermind. We shall see what happens.

Doctor has prescribed me norethisterone but i havnt got them yet as i am waiting to see what change the implant has on my totm and whether reintroducing food helps as i refeed in 2 weeks! :)


Crawling to the finish!
can I ask does the implant hurt to be put in? Also are there any lasting fertility problems? I was looking at the injection and was told fertility can take up to 1 year to return to normal anfter having an injection! xx


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Nah the implant doesnt hurt to be put in - it feels weird for a couple of days afterwards but after that its fine - its like its not even there (enless you feel it! lol)

I was told fertility returns straight away after having the implant removed but im guessing as with any contraceptive its dependent on your body on how long it is before you concieve. :)


Here we go again!
Good luck for the changeover Tanya and I hope it sorts out your dreadful TOTM you've been having.


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It's Changed!

Ok so had it changed yesterday and she said it had dropped a bit and so had to put it back in in a different place.

It is very very very sore today - but worth it to not have kids i tell ya!!

So far no change in my totm but it has only just been in for 24 hours - the nurse who did it was lovely and i explained to her about my bleeding pattern and that i had been on for 13 weeks straight and she said well this may make them heavy or may stop them but if it gets worse or once you have introduced food you are still constant then come back and we will have to sort them out.

So that is what ill be doing ... :fingerscrossed: they stop - more chance of platting fog though i reckon!!


Here we go again!
Glad it's been changed and fingers crossed it stops them!

BTW, have you heard from Lovelylauren or MrsBee at all, haven't seen them on here for ages, oh and chelly too?


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I speak to lovelylauren on facebook - she is ok but isnt on LT anymore and i last spoke to chell about a week or so ago, also on facebook - shes doing good i think :)

Havnt heard from mrs bee though .... wonder how she is doing?
Poor you, Tanya.....the things us women go through...periods... difficulties with contraception....trying to concieve.....pregnancy...birth.....and then menopause....the fun keeps on coming!!!!!!!!!LOL.


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haha i know! i wish there was a male implant available - i would force my bf to get it see how he likes it! haha

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