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Getting my inner rebel in check

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by slim~for~me, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. slim~for~me

    slim~for~me Member

    Hi folks

    Right I guess we've all been in this position else we wouldn't be here, my weight is up and down (more up than down) I've been going to SW for a few months now and I've lost just over a stone so far, I only want to lose another stone then I'll be in my happy weight zone. But I always seem to get to the stone point and then totally lose interest in sticking to the diet, I have an inner diet rebel that thinks that wasn't so bad you can have choccy/booze/desserts unfortunately this rebel doesn't understand moderation and I fall off my dieting wagon doh! Stupid thing is I know I'm doing it but I just can't get myself out of the cycle.

    I only attend meetings every other week due to personal circumstances, I tried weighing in at an alternate meeting but my losses were always high one week (4.5lb every other week) then hardly anything the next. I found this confusing and frustrating and it was putting me off the diet hence why I now only weigh in once a fortnight. I'm also guilty of not staying for group just weighing and going as I find the group quite embarrassing, I'm happy to put my loss/gain online but face to face everyone hearing what I've lost or gained I just don't like that makes me uncomfortable. So I'm thinking perhaps a diet group isn't for me but I really like the SW EE plan and my housemate is also following it so easier to eat meals together.

    My plan is to weigh in, either at Boots/Tesco wherever they have a proper scale, each week as my home scales are rubbish. Going to go back to basics and keep a food diary too, will do this on here too else I'll lose track.

    I've had a couple of weeks off plan so either at lunch today or after work I'm cycling to Tesco to jump on the scales and get myself a new start point, I will crack this!

    Any hints, tips and advice are much appreciated and good luck to all of you on your journey. :)
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  3. slim~for~me

    slim~for~me Member

    hmmm after doing some research and seeing lots of bad comments re inaccurate measures on the shop scales I'm sticking with a set of bathroom scales, so my starting point is 11st 8.2lbs so onwards and downwards :)
  4. slim~for~me

    slim~for~me Member

    Not a bad day yesterday, about 4 pts sf squash, 1 mug decaf tea, 1 options. super speed soup at lunch and ham salad in the evening with a finger of fudge in the evening (my weakness) I've learnt not to buy the multipacks anymore so if I want one I have to go out and get it.

    Hopefully I won't waiver toay but my meal plan at the moment is:

    fruit n fibre for brekkie
    super speed soup for dinner
    pork chop & med veg for tea

    got plenty of fruit & muller lights in just in case i get peckish. Will try to drink a pint of squash everytime I have an urge to eat bad stuff then hopefully by the time I've finished the glass I'd have forgotten about the naughty food lol

    have a good day everyone :0)
  5. slim~for~me

    slim~for~me Member

    Yay weighed myself this morning wasn't expecting miracles as I've not stuck to plan 100% but I'm now 11st 4.6lbs so that's 3.6lbs, very pleased. This weeks going to be a tough one though as I'm off to Scotland snowboarding on Thursday, ya for all the exercise but I know I can't say no to a cheeky brandy (purely to warm me up of course lol ;)) Sharing the cooking with my friend and planning on making a nice SW curry but the boys have plans for chippy tea on the first night eeek! So for this first part of the week I'm going to try to be good and then the weekend I won't feel so guilty if I indulge a little.

    Good luck with your weigh ins everyone :0) xxx

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