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Getting off the bus a stop (or 2) earlier...

...it sounds naff because it always comes up in guides to exercise but the last couple of days I've been getting off the bus two stops earlier (which means that I have to walk up a hill instead of down a hill) and it really does feel good.

It's only a 10/12 minute walk but if I do it every week that's 50-60 minutes of exercise I'm doing per week that I wasn't doing before. Sadly I can't get off any earlier than two stops because the bus route includes a chunk of road that you can't walk down :( But it's better than nothing!!
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Well done you!!


Wishing and hoping!
I don't think it sounds daffed - it's proactive and it all adds up. One time I could not manage ten mintues now I walk five/six times a week and the fresh is great to clear head from a busy day :)
Aww, you're all doing so much more, lol. I was proud of my extra 10 mins. But on the plus side I'm just thinking of what more I could do. I love this forum, it really makes you want to do more!


Never gets tired of SW!
I'm doing something similar NSM!! On days where I can't fit a longer walk in because of work, when I arrive at work (big hospital) I now park in the furthest possible corner of the furthest car park which is a 10 min walk to my ward. So I add 20 minutes exercise to my day too! I used to park as near as poss to my ward which was half the distance! I think it's great to do these things- every little helps!x
i agree hun 10mins is great not everyone can walk to work and u can't get off the bus any earlier cause of the road your decsion is harder than mind cause i don't get on the bus so don't have to convice myself to get off u r on the bus so it would be so easy for u to stay on but u choose to get off earlier which i think it really hard wd
Thanks everyone :) I really do wish I could get off earlier. I'm so bad with walking - I actually just do not like it. It has to have a purpose and I don't like to walk TO somewhere because i don't like to be hot and puffy when I get there, I don't mind if I'm just going home after!

When I walk at the weekends I have to walk in a circle so that I end up where I started without having to worry about walking back, lol. Does that make sense? I don't like to walk somewhere then just have to turn around and walk the same walk back again, boring!