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Original Getting off the rollercoaster

I joined SW 13 weeks ago. I was never a fat bloke but having an issue with my boy (11 year old Roy) getting on the chubby side, we decided the only way to get him to lose weight is joining a club together.
The SW down in Hendon was highly recommended (Dyanne is a brilliant consultant) and so we both joined the SW party.
Roy is having the expected good and bad weeks but he shed 9 pounds so far... so the effort paid off.
I started at 13 st 7 and decided to drop the odd weight gained in 20 years of good married life...
I set my target at 11 st 10 which I reached after 10 weeks (plenty of Slimmer of the week awards). I found SW original just worked wonders for me.
I was sticking like a glue to the book and found in most weeks that I ended the week with no more than 20-30 syns consumed for the entire week.
Luckily I am one of those people that don’t find food that exciting – give me a good movie and I’ll take it over dinner at the Ritz any day!
My main reason to gaining any weight over the years was mainly late night snacking – I tend to sleep 4-5 hour a night do to avid movie consumption (used to be accompanied with anything left in the fridge). This habit needless to say was replaced with “only fruit allowed after dinner” rule.
The wife is always a healthy food cook so sticking to chicken/fish and salad was simple. I traded the daily cookies/cake with the odd Tesco light choice bar and ate apples like crazy (10+ per day).

Now...the only problem now is how to stop!
Once I reached my target I swapped to nice & easy days and I eat everything that is not fatty, I added extra A & B choice and I am still losing weight.
I went to several dinners (my Birthday was December 8th) and downed everything including wine and desert and my body seem to ignore it.
This week I clocked 11 st 6 and fell below my target (getting over 2st award and another Slimmer of the week which I didn’t want).
I had to adjust the target by ½ st to 11st 3 as it feels my body wants to stop lower than my intended target (I’m 5f 8’’ tall).

So the question is to the target members out there...
How do you balance, once you reached target, SW diet habit in order to stick to target.

It may be a “rich men” problem in this forum (I can surely give you all the tips that worked for me) but hope you don’t mind.

(too skinny) Sam
p.s. They never tell you when you start the diet that you feel COLD once you shed your “protection” layer!
So now I have to move about to get warm... that gets me even more skinny. Darn, can’t win!
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Keep on upping your Healthy extras!
Some people have to have up to 4 extra a day (on top of the 1 or 2 B choices allowed)
Also maybe have your full syn quota too.
It's great you lost the weight so well and that your son is doing well too.
Maintenance is tricky but just keep upping the HEX's.
If you struggle to use syns or HEX's then why not use a tbsp of olive oil or add some nuts as a snack?
Good luck, and welcome to minimins :)
Hello and Welcome!!

Unfortunately I can't help you with maintaining (as I'm still a long way off target), and yes, I am completely jealous of fact that you are already there.....

But I have to agree with the lack of protection issue...


I was so cold last night, I said to my husband that I wanted my fat back!!! I was always the 'warm one' and now he is warmer than me. Maybe SW could do a 'Lose 2 stone - gain a jumper' prize!!!!
Congrats on the weight loss. I'd love to hear some of your tips!!

If I was you, I'd add more healthy carbs - that should stop the weight loss in it's tracks! How about adding a sandwich? That would be two extra healthy b's. And how about treating yourself to a healthy snack whilst watching your movies?

What does your consultant say?

Jane x
Thanks for the ideas.
I'll allow myself (I hope the last) 2 lbs "slip" into the new target.

My consultant did suggested more extra eating B which I did add but apparently not enough.

I have become quite addicted to the "healthy" Chocolate/Orange light bars (Tesco Light Choice or Alpen light) so I upped the 2 allowed daily to 4-5 with every tea break (yum).
As the wife still makes Salads for Roy, I also keep having a healthy Salad/chicken/Tuna for lunch but I also now added large soups.
I added toast in the morning..

I do avoid any real "fat" foods - so I guess it's just a matter of finding the correct balance.
I don't know if this is typical but I cannot stand the idea of heaving something like chips or chocolate bar... maybe it's the "cold turkey" (cold chicken, fish) approach but I am OK with avoiding these.

As my top tips:
1. Food diary (online - I used the SW site tool as I'm in front of computer most days). It is not just the weekly tracking... it keeps thinking about the food you have and "name and shame" your syns...
I also put there my comments on how much I excercised, dog walks etc.

2. MOVE! I forced myself to move much moe than usual. I am actually silly dancing when doing dishes (good hubby), jumping when waiting for the water to boil, Taking a long route round the office when ever I need to get anywhere.
I can't stand gym but love movies. I now watch my daily movie on the excercise bike. Even on the easiest level you would burn energy without too much effort.
My new year resolution - Sixpack by end of March.

3. Apples - Always loved them and I have now even more of them (I stopped counting but it feels like 10 per day).
not sure if it would have the same result for everyone but it worked perfectly fine for me.
I have a pack ready in the office.
As there are a few people in the office on diet, we requested (and got) the usual office biscuit box to go and be replaced with fresh fruit. It costs a little more but there was no objection.
I have put next to the TV basket with apples - that's the only "TV food" allowed.

The rest is just sticking to the diet rules.
I could be wrong but seems like Original works great for man.
I did mix the odd green day but 9 out of 10 was original.
The two amazing ladies (target members) I met in club (6.5 st and 5.5 st drops) both did green mostly so I know it can works.



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S: 13st13lb C: 12st13.5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st13.5lb(6.92%)
i wish i could stick to it, im so naughty, only fooling myself