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Getting so frustrated


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I really really want to get on with this, get into Cd properly and lose weight but the world seems to be conspiring to stop me.

I did 2 great first weeks, then got derailed by a birthday, mums night out and family party in one weekend. Got back on it, then got derailed by a wedding on Friday. And then myplanned restart on Saturday got scuppered by a sprained ankle, so had to eat to take the painkillers :mad:

Today is my next restart, but I am one month in and so far my weight went down to the stone loss, but just won't get past it. I keep having to repose then same few pounds each week. I hate seeing the scales go back up again and again.:cry::cry:

And now I have 2 weeks and then it's my birthday and OH has organised a party for me, then the week after we go on holiday.

I started this with really good intentions and mindset, told myself that a few days off for planned events was fine because I do have a life, and no rush to lose the weight, but now I am finding it so disheartening :cry::cry: perhaps I should gibe up now and do it in the winter when I know I have no life normally.:mad::sigh::sigh:
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Egbert, only you know how easy it will be to clear your life. If you know you can give this 2 months in the autumn or winter, then you should do it - I know Jan/Feb are great months for me to get on with it as everything comes to a halt and the whole world understands a detox, but in order not to undo all your recent hard work you will need to be careful for the next couple of months as it is all to easy to put that initial stone loss straight back on as it is mostly glycogen and not fat. Even staying the same at this point is a victory.

The decision is yours, but yes, I'd say if you don't feel free to choose to do CD right now then it isn't the right time and there's no shame in waiting for it.


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Thanks Sarah. I think I have given myself a bit of a kick up the bum this am - I guess it doesn't matter if I lose it slowly, as long as I do lose it.

I will persevere :)
I know that I commented before on a thread which was discussing planned days off. I agree with Sarah - if it's not the right time, then wait! I can't see the point personally of taking planned days off, as there will always be something that crops up. I'm off on holiday on Saturday, only in my touring caravan, but I've decided the weight loss is more important to me that eating/drinking, so I'm going to carry on exactly as I am. I might possibly (very small chance) have a day each weekend where I 'may' have a meal and glass of wine, but I very much doubt I will. I want to be able to get back into my slim clothes and have to go back to work in September, so that's my focus and priority.

I think if you want to do a VLCD, then plan to do it 100% for the majority of the time. Just my opinion of course, but it's for such a short time. If you aren't ready to do it now, wait for a while and do it when you know that you will be ready to focus on it, instead of food. I also think that I have to change my mindset around food being the focus of celebrations and holidays, as there is so much more to enjoy and it's such a short day/week/fortnight, that I really don't miss food too much - and that comes from the greediest woman on Wirral!!
I have been lucky that any nights out have generally been ok to just go and have coffee and soda water, but on the times that I have had to eat I have had something very light and picked....and able to get back to it the next day.

I think if you can do this thats ok, the problem is when you blow out without care then you think oh well, but if you choose and pick a little and your mind is in the right place you can do it.
I agree, maybe start healthy eating and revisit cambridge later?

On another note, I just turned down a family trip to New York so I can stay on my diet 100%!


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