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Getting started tomorrow

I have been inspired by Lovely Lauren's diary to start again on CD! I started off looking at the Slimmers World forum and all the stories of 1lb a week/STS/half a pound was so disheartening and took me right back to how I dreaded getting weighed every week....all that hard work and nothing to show forit. Then I came onto the CD forum and have been reading everyones stories which has totally motivated me. I definitley need to see quick, good results to keep me going!

I'm not new to Cambridge. In 2006 I lost 5 stones, got down from 14st7 to 9st7. Today I weighed in at 15st 8 - heaviest I've ever been and a stone of that has gone on since 21st November! I think if I don't do something NOW I'll have ITV here before I know it filming my 60 stone girth being hoisted into a Chinook helicopter to take me to a hospital for life saving gastric bypass surgery. I can just see the day!

Anyway - asides from your inspiring diaries, I'm spurred on by the fact that I can hardly see my feet. And that's just no good for a lass who loves her shoes. I'll not even tell you my bikini line story - best save that for when we're all a bit better aquainted.

I feel super unhealthy, my knees kill and I am so unfit. Today I climbed 2 flights of stairs to my office and I was so out of breath when I got there I made a joke that I'd run from home (about 8 miles)......they believed me!!!!! That's how out of breath I was!!! How ridiculous is that?

Anyway, I start tomorrow. I don't expect anyone will read this but this will be a useful reminder for me on those difficult days.

Now I'm off back to read the more interesting posts from my fellow slim-seekers.:D
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Rae Rae

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S: 16st11.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 5st11.5lb(34.61%)
Good luck hun. Remember,u av been detrmine to lose weight in the past and succeeded so u WILL succeed again :)

Wot plan r u goin to do? Have u seen ur cdc yet?

S: 18st2lb C: 16st13lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 39.4 Loss: 1st3lb(6.69%)
Best of luck WMF. And thanks for postingthe funniest post I've read for a while!

I can totally relate to the attraction of losing weight faster on the CD. I was on a calorie controlled diet for two months before starting CD and was used to losing 1 or (if I was lucky) 2lb per week - considering how much I have to lose it was sooooo slow and depressing. I still can't believe I've found a diet where I don't feel hungry, have more energy but am consuming so many fewer calories. Maybe its witchcraft?

PS Have you seen the small print on some of the weight watchers new year diet ads? Some thing like - 'look at me, I've lost 2 stone!' <small print - weight loss over 89 weeks>. If it took me that long to lose weight I'd be my goal weight in, oh, 2022???

Best of luck, will look forward to reading how you are getting on!
Day 1 Done (say it like that stupid Gordon Ramsey does)

Well that's day 1 under my belt. Actually, lets just say that it's day 1 done and dusted as, lets face it, there is not much room under the belt these days. Last night was definitlley a test, it being a Friday and all. I LOVE a chicken kebab on a Friday night. Ho hum. Nonetheless, Supportive Stevie (OH) went right ahead and got himself one. Wasn't that kind of him? After a good nanosecond I couldn't bear the sight, sound and smell of him practically inhaling the thing so I went off for a bath. A long hot lovely relaxing bath.......or at least it would have been had he not used all the hot water. Needless to say I was a "tad" stroppy so had a proper tantrum and went to bed in the huff! Then I realised it was only 7.15pm so I had to get up again. I hate it when that happens! And all that on day 1 ha ha.

To be fair, having done CD before, SS knows he's in for a rough ride but he just lets it go over the top of his head and doesn't take me begrudging him every mouthful of food too personally.

I'm keeping my mind off food today by keeping busy. Planning a trip to Boston in April time so lots of research to do for that and it's a good goal to have. I must document my reasons for NEEDING to loose weight as I think of them so that I have something to refer back to when the going gets tough. So they are:

1) Can hardly fit in bath. Look like something that is sqeezed into a test tube by scientists.

2) It's whale watchin season in New England in Spring. Do not want to be mistaken for wildlife and accidentally harpooned.

3) Would like to be able to get armrest down on 10hr flight to States.

4) Even Dad has noticed that I am wearing same jumper every day. That is because it is the only thing I have that fits.

5) Walking hurts. Even slow walking.

6) I am unable to reach toes to take off nail polish. This means my toes look super long because my nails have grown and the polish has moved up the toe somewhat.

7) Arms are not long enough to reach around boobs and belly to get to bikini line. 'Nuff said.

They'll do for now I think. Am off now to read some of your own inspiring tales and diaries. They do keep me motivated. Until next time fellow slim seekers.


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S: 12st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 2st4lb(17.98%)
Am absolutely loving your posts as its not often something makes me chuckle out loud :p
I know this diet is hard but, along with determination, I think a sense of humour is invaluable.
Really hope you and OH both survive day 2 together so we get more posts :D
I have just completed week 1 post christmas restart so am only a few days ahead of you.
Good luck xxx


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S: 14st3.5lb C: 13st5.8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st11.7lb(5.86%)
Hello and welcome back to CD!!

Well done on day 1. It will fly by after the first week has gone. I have re-started today after doing CD for a few weeks from November so I feel your pain!!!!!
Day 9 Update

Well it's day 9. I've had my first weigh in - 7lbs off - which if I'm totally honest with you all was a bit disappointing! I'd hoped it would have been more. You get greedy don't you? Story of my life really ha ha. Anyway, I had a look at my WW tracker from September and in the first 2 weeks I lost a measly 3.5 pounds and all my diary says is how hungry I was! At least I'm not that (my pals don't believe me). So - I need to keep telling my self that I've lost twice as much in a week as I did in 2 at WW.

I have been super good. Not a morsel has passed my lips. I even passed 2 really key tests....conference on Thursday and lets be honest, usually the only good thing about these events is the buffet. I love a buffet me. And this one was particularly good. However, I stuck to plan and sucked the life outta my chocolate tetra pack while my colleagues rammed those gorgeous triangles of loveliness down their necks.

Then on Friday I drank water at a birthday lunch for a friend while they all had hot beef sarnies with chunky chips and gravy. I love hot beef sarnies me. (See a theme emerging here people?).

Last night, Supportive Stevie ate more chinese food than I'm sure they did in Bejing! The smells were driving me NUTS. I'e told him thats his last takeaway. I can't stand it anymore. I begrudged him EVERY mouthful haha.

Right now it seems like a long road ahead! I've only had 1 so far today.....must go and get another.

Think I will go and read some posts to reaffirm my desire to do well.

Laters fellow slim seekers.


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S: 14st3.5lb C: 13st5.8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st11.7lb(5.86%)
I love a good buffet too! You have done really well!! 7lb is brilliant. There's a lass at work who has been on WW and it's taken her 6 weeks to lose that amount. It goes really quickly after the first week is over so you'll be at goal before you know it :)
So here we are 5 months later - I have been checking in so I've been catching up with you all behind the scenes.

It was interesting reading back over my first couple of posts. Its been a fairly successful journey for me and as of today I'm weighing in at some 4 stones and 5 pounds less than I was in January. Yay! I've just returned from that Boston trip I was planning and I did indeed manage to get that armrest down.

I have been supergood all this time, about 2 months ago I started allowing myself a once weekly treat so share some salt and chilli ribs with supportive Stevie. I have to say I was really worried about having to eat whilst in Boston but I managed to do 1 bar a day and 1 carb free meal most days. Some days I had a ham omelette for brekkie and I even had a sneaky few glasses of wine! It wasn't as bad as I thought - I only put a pound on but wow has it kick started my weight loss again!

It seems that I've hit that threshold where suddenly I look like I've lost weight - as its coincided with the return from my holiday I'm sure people think I've been from a liposuction holiday ha ha. Isn't it strange how it takes 4 and a half stone for folks to notice you've lost weight!

So - I'm back on plan with a vengeance. My next mini goal is to get into the 10 stones. I pretty much in a 12 in most clothes which is good but it'd be nice to be in a 12 in all shops!

Anyway - my key message is to keep plugging away. Like me, you'll look back in a few months and think wow - it didn't seem so bad after all and just look at the results!

I wish I could get into this shredding thingy though - I've managed level 1 twice but I find it so hard! I really admire those of you out there who are feeling the burn. I deffo need to turn my willpower onto getting that damn DVD on!

Keep going folks and keep the faith.

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