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Getting very bored without a social life!

I realised quite early on in this diet that i couldnt cope with going out socialising and drinking water when everyone around me was getting leathered and eating crap so decided to put my social life on hold till id finished but finding it soooooo bloody hard, not been out since week 3, now in week 9 and im climbing the walls, i dont want to go out but so bored, ive got no motivation to do anything either feels like my lifes on hold, sorry just having a winge, dont want to change things as its working for me.....anyone else suffering?
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hi jackie well right now im sitting home whilst dear hubby goes to a birthday bbq without me. i know what u mean - no point going if you cant eat or drink. but one day .... we will !
doesnt help that i live alone and work from home! oh well at least il be able to make up for it in about 8 weeks hopefully, im wishing the weeks away!!!!!
:eek:why is there no point in going out if you cant drink or eat:rolleyes: You have to train yourself that your life does not revolve around these 2 activities and it is possible to have a good night without pigging out and getting pi55ed.
know wat your saying gaz but i still dont feel able to go there till i get nearer my goal, i have wine in and a freezer full of food that i havent touched since i started but just feel il have more control over my old habits once im closer, i dont trust myself yet which is why ive choose to stay away still i feel ready if that makes any sense/
I was going to ask you out as well, never mind lol x
hahaha charmer! and heres me thinking your all talk!!! ;)
I'm with you on that one Jackie. I have done the same as you and put my social life on hold whilst doing LT. We were due to go to Ascot for the day with a group of friends and in the end we cancelled. Just because I was like, what's the point in going if you can't eat or drink. I didn't necessarily mean to get drunk, but just to be able to drink a diet pepsi would be better than water. I do think we have to be positive though and there's no point wishing our summer away. I've decided to view it as a temporary inconvenience, and once I emerge at the end all lovely and slim (!), it will all have been worth it. Keep going hun, it WILL be worth it. x


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I went out last night and just drank water. I told everyone that I was being healthy and not drinking for a few months. People seem to respect that. I know that approach wouldn't have worked in my twenties but now I'm heading for forty it seems to be accepted by most and even admired by some.

I thought I'd miss the ale much more than I do to be honest!
i must admit last night me and hubby had a barney and i could have really done with a bottle of wine thats the 1st time in nearly 5 weeks iv really wanted booze as for food at the moment i can really do without x


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i have two 'do's' to go on in july then a fortnight away in august - i will be taking my shakes to both 'do's' and taking two weeks worth of lipotrim goodies with me!! I am so in the zone.

I want to change my mindset and the sooner the better!! Having said that that Cathedral City cheese on toast feckin advert has me drooling ever flaming time i see it :D
I never really had a social life anyway:( so that bit was fairly easy but we have been to a couple of bbq's, i just had water, no one really noticed, if we go out for the day, i take my trusty flask full of shake!( i know its supposed to be drank within 15 mins, but better not to miss it) I decided from day 1 that this was not going to affect the family and i refused to cancel anything! But, having a 2 year old is useful as i can devote my attention to looking after him whilst out and that takes the pressure off watching people cram far too much food into their gobs!!!
T x
hahaha know wat u mean lisa, im not apposed to going out just really dont want to at mo, il have to start thinking about changin my wardrobe as nothing fits, i need my roots doing on my hair and wanted to leave it till id lost then have it restyled, suppose its a girlie thing
I have been all over the place whilst on LT. McDonald's, nightclubs, pubs, clubs, business lunches.... I just whip out my shaker and have my shake!!!!
My son is a singer - so is out working most weekends, and as I do the music for him I go as well (he is only 17 so I have to defend his honour as well!!!!!)
I promised myself I wouldn't stay in just because of LT, as I wouldn't be changing my attitude to food then.
It's amazing what you can get used to though.


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I haven't been staying in because of LT, but I wouldn't go to a restaurant or to somebody's house for dinner and not eat. I think it's so rude to take a seat in a restaurant and not buy something, I can meet people for coffee and get black tea/coffee or go to the pub and buy bottled water so that's ok. I figure that while people shouldn't force their views on me about my diet, I shouldn't demand that people go out of their way to accomodate me, because it's entirely my own fault I got fat, no one elses, and no one should pay the price but me.


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hahaha know wat u mean lisa, im not apposed to going out just really dont want to at mo, il have to start thinking about changin my wardrobe as nothing fits, i need my roots doing on my hair and wanted to leave it till id lost then have it restyled, suppose its a girlie thing
Use this to your advantage and set yourself a mini target or even wait until you hit your ultimate goal and then have a blow out and get your hair done, maybe your nails and possibly get a make-over or splash out on some flashy new products to reward yourself for staying so strong and doing so so well! :D

I'm with you on the going out front, but probably moreso just because I hate going out since I got so big. Hate digging through my wardrobe, hate what I see in the mirror, hate my stupid frizzy hair (lol) and don't like other people looking at me and thinking that I look as bad as I feel. That's just me though :(


Getting married July 2011

I think you look lovely in your picture! I have straight hair and my plan for when I get skinny is to get a perm... so wanna have curls!

I know I can't see all of you but your face is so petite and your wrist is tiny!!!!!

If I was a guy or gay and I met you on a blind date I'd be well chuffed!! (Please don't take that in a weird way)


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