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Why do men try and tempt us? the other half has just text me “will we get a Chinese 2nte seeing as we didn’t have one on sat?” knowin its a miserable night and it would be lovely! I NEED to be good to try and pull back before Wednesday as i had a bit to many syns over weekend L men should be slapped!lol
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I agree completely. Over the weekend, my boyfriend decided his tummy fancied carrot cake. One very happy male tummy full of carrot cake later, I was one very cross girlfriend as I only had a tiny bit, but managed to stay within my syns......I'd so better have a good weight loss tomorrow!


I will do this!!!
i knoe what you mean although you can still have chinese takeaway just be good with what you choose to have.
i wud really love one but i went over my syns at weekend so shudnt be having any from now to wedL help!
exactly what i was thinking ... go for it but choose wisely :) dont deprive yourself jus stick to your allowance :)

my OH sat very nicely beside me last night and munched a hot cinnamon swirl pastry topped with half a tub of ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream .... while i sat eating a rocket lolly :( at least i got something lol
Men eh!lol u see usually i go for beef curry with boiled rice but i honestly should eat something free i went waayyyy over syns at weekend! Just noticed ur from belfast wee doll im from just outside belfast :D
really ? where from ? im just outside it to now. Newtownabbey :)

beef and black bean is low as is chowmein if you cant convince the OH to have something different :) im having homemade chow mein i jus wish the OH would hurry up an make it lol its great havin a chef about lol
Yep im from Antrim :D good to see someone from my way on here too :D

Iv told him to just order something and im gonna have SW chips with something, il only kick myself if i have something bad! Oh i wish my OH was a chef, hes useless in the kitchen!lol
good on you to have the will power to say no :) well done :superwoman:

dont beat yourself up about goin over your syns try the 10 speed challenge till weigh in

10 speed / superspeed foods per day

it worked wonders for me last time round :)

if you sts at least you havnt gained so thats a positive at least.

im weighing in for the first time on thursday and im busting for it to be thursday lol ive no patience.

and also dont take your scales word cause they might not weigh the same as SW ones :) good luck hun


I have boiled rice,plain noodles and king prawn spring onion and ginger, I do it every Sunday on green day. Syn sauce at 5 and HEXB 142 g prawns,I weigh them they usually come in just under. I always lose. 5 syns for Chinese yum x
Before SW I was the tempter lol, my bf is an avid gym goer and has the mentality of 'my body is a temple' so it was always me that was plssssssss can we have chinese. The only damage he does is he has an obsession with chorizo he wants it in everything lol.

Stay strong if you not having the chinese and if you are I hope you enjoy it, it will taste so much better within your syns though.

Malibu xx
I know the feeling - while the OH is very supportive and only has synful foods when I'm on lates or nights my friends seem to be on a mission to keep my weight up. Surprised them on all Saturday night when they wanted a kebab and I agreed!! Got a grilled chicken kebab with salad, threw away the bread and enjoyed it way more than a greasy donner!!! Luckily I'm not too bothered about chinese but if I do go I love sweet and sour....so for now its off the menu!!!!
I'm lucky because my OH is doing this with me as he too has 5 stone to loose. My two younger sons are super skinny but my 24 year old is about 10 syone overweight( seemed to pile it on after bullying at school and then it stayed) The two younger ones are both away at Uni so we have decided to go healthy together. After about 6 weeks we have a joint loss of 6stone. Its easier with us all doing it!!! However when I have tried on my own OH was always the tempter with takeaways!!
I'm in total charge of everyone's stomachs in this house! But we do have a Chinese every Sunday , green day king prawn (HEXB) ginger spring onion 5 syns, boiled rice ,plain noodles free x