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Gift horse, with a sting in the tail!!!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Last night at class a lovely lady gave me an exercise bike!! Perfect, I thought, just what I need to get me exercising!
She even delivered it for me a little while ago, and wouldn't accept any money at all for it or for petrol.
After she left i looked at it, and nearly cocked my leg over to give it a go, when I noticed a little sticker that say the max load is 19st 8lb! (sob, sob!) So I have to wait for another 2st to go before I can use it!
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i would still use it whats the worst that could happen??!!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Knowing my luck a total collapse and a trip to the hospital!!!
Ow, poor you!

I would be tempted to agree with Susan70 and give it a go. They will be being overcautious with their advice and I don't think 2 stone is going to make enough difference to break it

Don't sue me if you break a toe though- lol

Mrs V

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I agree...I would give it a try and see what happens. You are not that much over the max weight, so give it a bash!


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Yeah I agree, the max weight is to cover the manufacturers arse incase it breaks. As you didn't have to pay anything for it I would go for it. If it breaks you've lost nothing!


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Sorry, don't mean to laugh. I totally agree, it's *only* 2 stone I'm sure it'll be spot on.
But couldn't help but chuckle at the image of you in casualty...'SO. Ms Rosinakathleen. Could you just tell us one more time exactly how you got an exercise bike stuck in your ????'
Ooh how annoying!

How about using it, but surrounding the floor with cushions incase of sudden downward momentum? :D

I need to do that with my tesco step machine, I have no balance and have to hold onto the bannister to stop me falling off it!

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