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Gilly's journey


Is so very nearly there!
You are welcome! I will do anytime you need it! Ha ha ha ha

Yh the weather is a lot nicer today eh.... xxx


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Theres one from me too!!

Anyhoo think with xmas and new year and various other bits and bobs we have been a little out of sync on here. Some of us were online over the period and some not.. so if those left here felt abandoned I apologise. I would hate for anyone to feel unsupported. So I will try to make more of an effort to respond to posts (although still trying to catch up) :D



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Diaries rock! The bast way to let it all out and share with everyone what makes you feel good or bad and if you have a good day you can post about it then look back at it if you are having a bad day.

Sometimes no one posts in my diary and it seems that I am talking to myself but it still helps to just write about it then if people respond then it's a bonus!


Is so very nearly there!
Agree 100% Taz... I ramble read back and think OMG Im a crank :/

Oh well Gilly - see I was right - nur nur! x


want to be me again ...
thanks ladies xx
dont know what i would do without you all , do feel a bit silly now but claire you are right as always hahahaha
going to get dressed for the first time this week and go out for a walk ..share some germs round
thanks again for your support xxx


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That's good you are feeling more positive Gilly! It does take a while to get back into the swing after Xmas.


Is so very nearly there!
Oh the walk will do wonders! Im at home and doing the chores - Im gna wash my hair to make me feel better as I look a right old mess! x
Yes the fresh air will blow away that woolly feeling.. Im having a sort out in my wardrobe (very theraputic) and freecycling the clothes.. nothing worth putting on clothes exchange atm :D


Is so very nearly there!
Iv just gutted the kids drawers etc and Im gna go take to the charity shop :)


want to be me again ...
Goodmorning ladies and thank you for your good wishes xx
Have finally managed to get ready and start a normal day, this flu has really floored me the past week , but all rearing to go today ...
managed to go to WI yesterday and lost 1 1/2 lb and got slimmer of the week ! loads at class and many are doing EE and loving it ..I havent really been on plan properly but hope to do green most days and a couple of EE maybe at weekends ..
hope you are all doing great ...
love and hugs gilly xxxx
I'm glad you're feeling better Gilly. Everyone I know who has had this flu have really been wiped out. It's not been nice, so I'm glad you're getting over it.

Great weight loss all things considered.. here's to next week :D

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