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Ginster's Sausage Roll

I have done a search, but cant find anything, so hoping someone can help.

Last night, me and the OH ended up on the road until late, and he bought a Ginster's sausage roll from the garage, and I had about a quarter of it, so really wanting to work out the syn value, if anyone can help me please?

I know its gunna be high, and im prepared for it.....so just give it to me straight, lol.

Thank for any help x x
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Always trying!
The only one I can see in my book is a pack of 6 at 40g each which work out at 7 syns... I'm guessing yours might have been larger than that though?
Was it this one?

If so and you were on green no free food so 1 syn per 20 calories - 25 for the whole sausage roll.
Yes, it probably was. Thanks Ermintrude :)

So 25 for whole sausage roll, so that's 12.5 for half, so for the quarter I had, it was probably just over 6 syns.

That is still a lot of syns for the tiny bit I had, but it means that my day probably wasn't as bad I originally thought it was.

Thanks everyone for helping me out x x x


Always trying!
Tinnedtomato said:
Thanks Becky, which plan is that for?? I was also on a green day, which makes it worse :( x x
That's on all plans Hun... I'm guessing there's not a lot of meat in the sausage! It did make me laugh when I was reading the ginsters section as the worst product of there's that you could have had was a deep fill steak pie at a whopping 31 syns!
Savoury is my downfall! I'm much rather have a pasty than a bar of chocolate!
Oh GOD yes :( I couldnt giuve a toss about sweet stuff but salt and oil and lard and pastry OMGGGGGGG :(

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