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Girl27's Diet Diary

So after years and years on and off slimming world i am giving SF a go and so far so good. I am actually enjoying not eating so much if that makes sense? I am a bit worried that i've overdone it on the sugary snacks (boots shapers bars and WW chocolate bars). I think i have lost a bit as i feel loads better. I'll def be eating more fruit this week. I have also cut right back on my diet coke which i am quite proud of this week as i was quiet addicted to it i think. It was all i drank morning, noon and night. I have been drinking squash all week which i've enjoyed.
Anyhoo my 2 year old son has chicken pox so i've been housebound since thursday so i can't believe i havent caved in and ate everything in sight due to this boredom. My OH is hungover today and went to McDonalds and yay i didn't even want one!
I am going to the cinema wednesday do you think it would be ok to save my days snacks to eat at the cinema?
Also this weeks shop was soo much cheaper now i'm not doing SW. Even though SF itselfs is not cheap i still saved £30 ish this week.
Anyway i am rambling now, can't wait to weigh myself tuesday!!!

Girl27 x
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Hey lady!!

Seems like you're into your stride!! :)

As for the cinema, I think you could save your snacks, although I doubt they sell
much within the 300 cals!! I always take cherry toms to the cinema, or snack a jacks popcorn is low cal. Or grapes, something to pick at!! Does your cinema do ben & jerrys?? I'm sure someone mentioned that the frozed yogurts are relatively low calorie!!

I'm tryingto up my healthy snacks too, I'm hoping it will speed up my losses!! :) although I've gone the opposite way with diet pop, I'm having far too much!! :( also Intend to quit smoking tomorrow so I'm sure my willpower will be tested to the limit!!

:) Rhi :)
Yes go for it quit smoking!!!!
I'll sneak some french fries and iced gems into the cinema!! And some fruit of course ahem.
Hehe naughty.
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i have also noticed that my shopping bill has come down since starting sf. i was on atkins before and was costing a fortune buying all that meat. with slimfast you can eat what you want a long with the rest of the family in moderation :D
Yeah that's why I'm loving it at the minute it's so nice to have dolmio light sauce without worrying about the syns. Iced gems are 98 cals.
Oh yeah I know litchfield.
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Good luch hun, you can do it xxx
Had a good day today.
B - Meal Bar
S - asda chopped apple & grapes 2 bags
L - Meal Bar
D - Spag bol with veg. Didn't eat much though didn't fancy it.
S - Weight watchers chocolate yogurt thing.


Now Maintaining :)
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Well done, that's great! :)
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Thats fabulous, massive well done to you x
Thanks peeps! I'm cutting down on my chocolate/crisp snacks this week. Hopefully going swimming friday night and going to a new keep fit class monday morning.
I went cinema last night to see SATC and can't believe I didn't get any popcorn or anything I'm so chuffed with myself.
Not sure what to have for dinner tonight I want something quick, tasty but under 600 cals. Any ideas?
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Stirfry? I hate it but my OH loves it lol x
AnDand me! I'm having chilli and a few chips I needcomfort food tonight I'm soooo hungry today I've been the hungriest since I started SF
I've had a crap day today. Had two meal bars then for dinner had a WW pizza and 3 crispy pancakes so was in my 600 cal limit but then had 4 packs of french fries. i'm embarrased to be telling you. I'm on my own OH gone out to watch football so i can't stop bloody picking. I am starting to feel the urge for junk. I think after i get weighed next i'm going to have to have a mars bar or something. Does anybody else have a treat after weigh in?
Don't worry, we've all done the 'scoff a miltipack thing'!! I've got to the point where I can't buy it anymore coz I end up eating it!!!

I think most people treat themselves, although with my questionable wilpower, I find it difficult to then get back on the bandwagon!!



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Don't worry about it. At least you've only had a rubbish day, i've had a rubbish week! Just start fresh!

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