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gitted...2 weeks loss of 2 ibs...

Just back fro WI & feel gutted. I lost 2 ibs last week & knew I hadnt had enough water so had at least 5 litres a day this week and not cheated once (at all since the start). Only lost 2ibs again...
Cannot think why the losses are so low & the only thing I can come up with is putting muscle on at the allotment but other than that am confused & frustrated! Am not going to give up but just wondered if anyone had any bright ideas?
Had a :cry: in class & feel shattered so off to bed but would welcome any ideas please....
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:hug99: Oh , I am so sorry ISOM , I know you have worked so hard and we expect a good loss in return for all the sacrifices made over the weeks, I know you must feel very down. Dont worry , just keep at it , be brave and strong and I'm sure it will soon start to come off. You might have a point with the muscle , you have been grafting hard , probaly been able to graft even harder since losing over a stone and not burdening your system with lots of food to process. I'm sure lots of people will be on soon with lots of sensible , encouraging posts who will soon cheer you up. I just wanted you to know that I share your dissapointment and really am rallying for a fantastic big chunky weight loss nest week you must have it due! I too think I will have a low weight loss if anytommorow night at WI because My scales havnt moved at all since last WI , and I am really scared I can tell you. I have been moaning and groaning all day and it has really tested my resolve, nearly had a bite of Maderia cake tonight!
YOU HAVE DONE SO WELL,and also you have been a good support for me as we started out journey a few days apart , so PLEASE STAY STRONG! You have stuck to it, and you will lose 3 stone in 3 months just keep that insight.
Love and hugs to you
X c


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Hi In search of me,

You are slightly over the guideline of a stone a month so that is very good over all.

If you look at weigh ins over a few months you will see that it does average out around this stone a month for a woman and about a stone and half for a man.

I have seen members start off slowly and continue the same each month, some lose less the second month if they have had a big loss in the first month and some lose more the second month if they had a small loss.

This is why if your comparing yourself to others you will end up frustrated even though we are all inclined to do so.

Have you done your measurements before starting and if so how many inches have you lost and how are your clothes fitting now after losing 16lbs.

Four weeks done is some achievement!:patback: :clap:

Love Mini xxx


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Aww hun. Bloomin' horrible when that happens isn't it.

As for the muscle thingy. Highly unlikely...it takes much longer for muscle weight to show...and then it's a only an incy bit...but, the work you did on your allotment might well have made you retain water.

Remember you have lost 16lbs, which is fab. Most VLCD's reckon on 14lbs a month..so you're a little over that;)

It will start up again, I'm sure. Be strong...hang in there!
Hiya - sorry ur disappointed cos of the last 2 WIs :(

It is hard when u've stuck to the plan and only lose a small amount....BUT you've lost over a STONE in a month which is FAB :D

I had a couple of slow weeks myself....and know exactly where ur coming from...but please don't give up - stick to the plan - you can't fail to lose weight if you keep to the plan....:) your body's maybe just adjusting.....bet you have a super loss next week ;)

Also - have you been measuring ?? On the weeks where I only lost 1 or 2lbs, I found that I HAD lost inches and that gave me a bit of a boost....just a thought :)

Anyhow - hope you had a good nite's sleep and are feeling a bit better this morning....STAY STRONG - you have done so well already :)

have a great day




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ISOM I agree with everyone about the measuring, you may find that your shape has really altered rather than the figures on the scale. It does feel horrid when you lose small amounts I know but stick with it and those losses will soon mount up.

So sorry you're dissapointed, but you need to look at it over the month rather then weekly! You've lost 16lbs in two weeks, I haven't even done that in three months! (Not doing CD or LL obviously).

When I did try to do it the counsellor said it's the overall monthly loss that is important, apparently she had had some people stay the same for three weeks and then lose it all in one go!!!

Please try and look at the overall loss, you're doing so well, you really are! :D


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Morning ISOM
hope you're feeling a bit brighter today :p

You've had some great advice, is it totm soon maybe your'e retaining water? it'll all even out in the end. I knew one bloke who was a very slow loser, in fact in the first week he had put on, he went on to lose over 7 stones :D

Keep shaking girl, and great news on your 16lb loss :p
I know you are disappointed but it is a loss. Everyone is different and therefore loses weight in different ways. Please stick to it and you may be pleasantly surprised and if you are one of the unfortunate ones who lose slowly remember you will still get there
Irene xx
Hi all,
Thanks for all your lovely encouraging posts! I do feel alot better today and have things more in perspective. I have lost inches (3.5 on bust & waist & 3 on tummy) plus can see a real difference. 16 ibs in a month (alas not 2 weeks!!) is more that I've ever lost so really cant complain! (even though I did!) My group, family, friends and work have been really supportive as have you lot as always - dont know what I'd do without you all! I'm not giving up and just continue to take each day at a time! Nearly through another one!!

those inch losses are great, I do think that the inches are more important than what's on the scales as that's what you and everyone else sees.

Well done


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