Give them a pastry quiche base!!


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Hi guys, I had a bit of a brainwave!! I love the SW quiche made with cottage cheese, onion, red peppers, courgettes and bacon! My husband says it's not a quiche without a pastry base so won't partake, and I'm not about to go down that road as I love them and for obvious reasons don't want the pastry! So what I did was dry baked a pastry case in a tin slightly bigger than the quiche and just placed a slice on top of a slice of pastry case the same size!! He was very happy!!X
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Lol!! Its amazing how easy we can adapt this plan for everyone isnt it??

Clever thinking there Hun...well done!


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You're more understanding than me - I would have said well if you don't want to eat it then don't (all the more for me) but if you want something else - you're making it yourself :D


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I sometimes make a 'pastry case' for my quiches too.

I mix add ho water to couscous, let it soften, then season (or add herns 'n' spices, depending on what filling I'm using), let cool a little and bind with an egg. Use your fingers to evenly coat the base and sides of a quiche dish, and bake until golden and starting to crisp. Add your 'quiche' mix and bake until done....the edge will go lovely and crunchy, just like a real one!

Makes a SW staple even more filling.



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You can also do it with instant potato. make it quite thick Spread it out in your flan dish quite thinly but not too thinand bake blind for about 15 minutes. let it cool then put your filling on top and back in the oven x


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Thanks! Another good idea! It's amazing how everyday recipes can be adapted to suit Slimming World with a little imagination!


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You're more understanding than me - I would have said well if you don't want to eat it then don't (all the more for me) but if you want something else - you're making it yourself :D

You have the same way of thinking as me :rotflmao:

In all honesty my husband does most of the cooking for the family. When it's SW friendly, I eat it, when it isn't then I cook for myself. However, I always tell them I'm happy to make extra for them, but you eat it the way I make it, like it or lump it! It's been quite good though because suddenly my daughter (7) is getting more adventurous about trying new foods since she's seen me eating all this healthy stuff.


Never gets tired of SW!
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Thanks mojomcl and brightonrosie for those ideas! I'll have a go at them! Don't get me wrong, my hubbie is very supportive of me and loves the food I'm cooking but I don't mind adapting things a little to make him enjoy it more, so those other ideas for bases will be perfect! Sometimes I make the SW quiche just for me and take it to work with a salad etc so it's certainly not all about him! LOL!X


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My Hubby is an absolutely awful eater. He will only eat roast potatoes cooked in lard or chips from the deep fat fryer! I can't complain too much as he has always been that way since i have known him, but i think it has actually helped me. I used to enjoy chips 2-3 times a week but now i cook them for him and they look foul! I haven't eaten a single chip for about 2 years and do not miss them at all! now i look at my meals and think how colourful my plate looks and how many different shapes, textures and smells there are on my plate. His dinners look awful even my 5 yr old says they are boring. So i am happy living with a fussy eater, he has done me a favour!