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Given up smoking or plan on, whilst doing CD???

Hello everyone

So is there anyone out there who has given up smokeing whilst doing CD? Is it difficult?

Or is there anyone who'd like to join me quit in July?

Once I've gone to Glasto it will pretty much officially be the ban and I really want to pack it in. Only I'm smokeing more than ever now I'm doing CD (terrible I know but I don't like black coffee/tea and need a fix of something:sigh:)

Think its achievable??

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this is something ive thought about loads but decided not to quit the smoking until ive sorted my weight problem as I think doing both at the same time would be incredibly hard! im hoping this year i sort the weight thing as otherwise il never get round to the smoking!


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i gave up smoking and put on loads of weight, i am going to give up again but once ive lost my weight and been on my hols in july as i know ill probably bring a couple of thousand back with me, but once theyve gone thats it :D
Thats what I think I'm gonna do too bubbles! I know it really is awful but my state of mind is weight comes first before giving up smokeing. We'll be happier then :)
Its too difficult to give up both at the same time, for sure.

Haha mandy great idea! Hope you have a great holiday. CDing it whilst there? lol

Its gonna suck after July 1st. Typical my birthdays end of July, wont be able to even have a smoke whilst celebrating in a pub PLUS being on CD haha. Oh well :)


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no i wont be cding whilst there lol, ive started doing maintenance now even though im not down to goal yet as i didnt want to just go away straight from cd, didnt want to pile loads of weight back on, then when i come back im going to start back on the plans to get rid of an excess weight ill have :D

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I've tried giving up a couple of times before with little success, the longest i've gone without a fag is 6 weeks & that was hell. I know i need to give up as i been smoking nearly 30 years (oh showing my age there....lol), so like a couple of yourselves i'm gonna wait until i'm happy with my weight first!

I'm terrifed that if i give up smoking now i'll put loads of weight back on :(....xxx
I'm not giving up til the weight's off, either - only so many difficult things you can do in one go. I know exacly what I'm like the first week of quitting - she-Godzilla with snout attached to the biscuit-tin - and I'm not risking all this going t**ts up for that.

Plus, I like fags. :D
I haven't posted here before but have been lurking reading for a while. I gave up smoking last November, and because i managed that (having smoked since i was 14 and never stopped before) i thought, well, i can lose 6 stone....so i started on CD in Feb this year. I've manage to lose 3.5 stone....but started smoking again! Once i get to target and can hopefully maintain, i will try giving up again, well, i won't try, i WILL...:)
Its enjoyable though! And I reckon if I hadn't been smoking then I would have been lots heavier than I was when I started CD!!!

I agree its a huge worry WHEN we all get to giving up smokeing we put on weight but I guess that's something we'll have to cross when we get there..... maybe we'll do the reverse of Scarlett and lose the weight then have the motivation to stop smokeing knowing we CAN do it.

Hi by the way Scarlett, congrats on your great loss :)
Ok, so is anyone smokeing more whilst on CD? :(

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