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Given up

:mad:I have given up...week 4 of the xenical and I have put a lb on...I know it doesnt sound a lot and its my time of the month soon but I am so fed up..that I have binged out and eaten not only a crispy creme donut but about 5 or 6 meringues :( I really do not know how to move forward..sorry to moan but I do not know what to do
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Just sit back and relax for a minute hun, dont give up just yet!! Maybe start again and keep writing your food on here more religiously, are you sure your getting enough calories? i know i have probably said it all before!! TOTM is probably to blame for that lb hun, mines due soon so i am not looking forward to that. I know how much losing this weight means to you, so keep at it, and definitely get on here more, i find it great if i am having a down day. Everyones comments encourage more and when i read the success stories i can see my self being able to be one of them!! That was a big step coming on here and admitting what you ate and how you are feeling, it shows you still care and want to do this!! I am here anytime if you need someone to chat to more often about how your feeling and what your eating and doind!!
dont say that, every one needs an off few days, stay positive and keep trying.we all get days when we just want to stick our head into the ben and jerrys freezer at asda but we dont cos at the end of it we will all be able to shop in primark and top shop! lol but seriously stick to it :D


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I couldn't have said anything better than Rach and Charlotte have already said, and believe me, we've all had binges, some big, some not so big, so please please don't give up, a few meringues are not going to undo all the good you have previously done!!

Just wake up in the morning, a brand new day, and just forget about the past!!

Keep going Sarah, you can do it!!
Sarah please don't be disheartened, losing weight is a very challenging time and you need to relax and just gather all those thoughts and throw them over your shoulder....we are all here to support you :)

Its a good job it was meringues you went for as they are low in calories and have no fat so that was just a blip hun...we all get them sometime !! as for the donut see it as a treat a one off but don't beat yourself up over it !!

Today is another day think positive, make sure you know how many calories you should be having and eat them.....drink plenty of water......

Remember scales only say 1 thing but that doesn't mean your body isn't changing.....stay strong and start today afresh :)

Hugs :) xx
wow girls...thank you so much! woke up today and didnt put on any more weight except that lb...today im feeling motivated a lot more and I am going to join fitness pal and see how that goes..i should be eating 1200 calories a day..
so far today i have eaten

breakfast- slice of wholemeal toast with rasberry jam and cup of tea
snack - orange
lunch - tuna and mayonaise with rice cakes and a rasberry yoghurt...

tonight i will have fruit and spinach with yoghurt

sorry for the blip girls..i owe it to myself and also to you girls to loose this weight and feel amazing :D thank you
Morning Sarah, glad you are feeling positive today, we all have off days !!

Make sure you eat 1200 calories and ignore the extra calories my fitness pal gives you for doing exercise...(they are no no's)
You don't have to apologise , i'm just glad you feel good today !!
Your food sounds good have a great day and we are all here for you.....we are in this together to the end and beyond :):)
adding you hun..:)
booboo just seeing your profile and you do so much exercise..i need to exercise a lot more and im not going to do the shred for now..im going to jump on my cross-trainer everynight for 30 minutes...the scales WILL move..
Yay welcome back to the old sarah, glad to hear your feeling more positive hun. We all have blips we just have to learn how to get over them, we are only human after all!! Were here for you, and you have been a great support to me, :D :D

Adding you on mfp now!!
I was doing the 30 day shred but am having a week off it and I can feel my back/hip healing ....I go between the weightloss programme and aerobic workout on my treadmill...and I walk the dogs 4 times a day but only count the 2 big walks ...and then I have to sort the horses out carry bales of hay and push in wheelbarrow for 150 metres...
On top of that you have your day to day calorie burn ie: housework ect

The Dr said he thought I wouldn't be ready to do the Bala challenge in May , so I have upped my exercise as I am determined to at least do the 7 mile walk......

I think we should all give ourselves targets other than losing weight as it gives you another push :):)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Couldn't agree with you more booboo about other goals. We've been looking into open swimming events and I've got my heart set on walking up that big hill in Scotland for a big birthday of mine coming up in a couple of years. I've started Nevis before, well, I walked around the camp site at the bottom!!

We're hopefully going to do some walking challenge too, perhaps from one local town to another, or something in the lakes perhaps.

Booboo, I love Bala! It's so pretty!! I was last there last summer when I took my parents down to Aberyswyth (sp??) for the week, and we stopped off at the lake for a picnic lunch, it brought back childhood memories of previous holidays there!
just like to say i feel like this every month! i put 2-3lbs on when i have my TOTM but all straight back off when i debloat! .. wish you all the luck with carrying on :) Xx
When I lived in Scotland we did a lot of walking....its great to set a goal !! Good for you Passiflora great that you are mapping out challenges :)
Passiflora you will have to let me know when your in North Wales next time we are 4.5 miles from Bala...its beautiful here....the RAF are putting on a welcomed airshow today over the house lol :)

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