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Giving blood whilst on CD

How long into CD are you?


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I thought I read somewhere on here you're not allowed to give blood while dieting on under 1000 cals a day.. not sure where I read it though.. but if you're doing SS I would recommend putting your appointment off until a later date when you're finished.

I fainted last time I gave blood, and that was WITH food!!!
Thnks for that I will have do a quick search for old posts. I haven't yet fainted whilst giving blood but do tend to bleed when I go for my cuppa at the end!!! (I think they get you up to quickly now).
I personally wouldn't risk it .... I get dizzy shopping for too long since I've been on this diet, so with a pint of blood missing, who knows what will happen?


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I think they get you up to quickly now.
I think that's what happened to be honest.. the other times I've gone I've been absolutely fine.. but last time I went to stand up, and put my hands on the bed and lifted myself off (it's impossible to get off them!!) and I started bleeding.. and it was coming out so fast!!

well, it probably wasn't really, but those little white plasters they use don't take long to fill up, so it looked like a lot!! they sat me back on the bed and that's when I got ill!! lucky though, it would have been a long way to fall otherwise :D

I definitely wouldn't risk it while on this though, I'm allowed to give from the first week of april (according to the 4 month thing) but I'm not going until I'm off this.. I just don't think eating on the day would be enough.. and I'd rather just get on and finish the diet without risking my health!!
I have found the old post's and it says definitely NOT to give blood whilst on SS.
I feel bad now will have to talk family members into giving blood on my behalf :):)


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good idea!! you could offer to do driving duty? and fetch them tea and biscuits when you get home, then you've done your bit!!!

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