Giving Herbalife another go!

Discussion in 'Herbalife' started by Viva_las_Vegas, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hello, i have no idea if anyone is even following this any more as it is so quiet.
    I lost just over a stone prior to xmas using herbalife then planned to continue after the new year but had 2 big expenses and 2 infections so couldn't find the money to shell out and wasn't fit enough to embark on any diet plan really.
    Thankfully i am back to full health now and have just received another months worth of herbalife goodies :)

    So pleased to be back on it, i have only gained a couple of pounds so will look forward to knocking them off again.

    Plan for today

    F1 Vanilla Shake with Unsweetened Soya Milk and Mango
    F1 Toffee, Cinnamon Apple Shake with Unsweetened Soya Milk and Apricots

    I like to bulk my shakes out with fruit as they taste thick and substantial, i know it adds to calories but i would rather do that than feel like im following a vlcd or anything like that. And herbalife are quite happy to allow you to mix up your shakes anyway

    Plan for dinner, 2 sausages and a heap of veggies and onion gravy

    Not sure about snack yet but have bars and soya nuts if i get stuck

    Would live to hear from anyone who is following Herbalife???
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  3. Blobby-Bobbie

    Blobby-Bobbie Member

    It has been rather quiet I'm doing herbalife again and well done you on losing weight before Xmas and glad you are feeling better

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  4. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    good luck...
  5. Molly7917

    Molly7917 Full Member


    I've started herbalife today, and so far it's going ok but only day 1....

    I've had 2 shakes, seafood sticks as a snack and for dinner I had veg, chicken and a baked potato....

    This used my 111g of protein for the day.

    My calories allowed are 1660, and it counted all of them except for my veg and I had done blueberries...

    I'm still getting my head round it but do you eat fruit when you want?
  6. Molly7917

    Molly7917 Full Member

    * I counted
  7. Thanks everyone.

    Molly how are you finding it so far?

    I've stuck to it as best I can but I've had a week of meeting up with friends and social gatherings but pleased to say I've lost 2lbs.
    Have no other commitments this week so no excuse to not commit to the plan.

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  8. Back to it properly today.

    Breakfast: Vanilla F1 with soya milk whizzed with a little banana and mango

    Lunch: same as above

    Dinner: Bolognese sauce with just a little spaghetti.

    Herbalife snack bar.

    Hope everyone is well x
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  9. Molly7917

    Molly7917 Full Member

    Hi Viva,

    I'm doing well so far thanks, think yesterday ( day 3) was probably hardest for me. In work so constantly thinking about it, went straight to a class after work do didn't have dinner until around 8,30.

    I go to this class every mon, weds and fri so I'm thinking these days I will have a lunch and then a shake when I get home,
    Not sure if you can do that altho I don't see why not.
    I think I will get a vanilla one to add fruit too
  10. stringobeano

    stringobeano Member

    I was on Herbalife last year and then switched to Vi Shake, I've now given that up (I lost 13lb with the Vi) and am back on the Herbie. I much prefer the taste of the herbalife shakes and how it makes me feel. Have had a stomach virus this week so haven't been on top form (felt really bloated with it) so I'm not sure if I have lost much weight this week
  11. Molly7917

    Molly7917 Full Member

    My friend does VI although she doesn't need too.
    It was my birthday on Thursday and went out for a meal and drinks. Got weighed the next morning and gained 1.4lb so just shows. Hopefully get that off this week
  12. stringobeano

    stringobeano Member

    How's everyone doing?

    2 weeks into restarting Herbalife I lost 4lb...last week I gained a pound but am not sure if that's due to time of the month looming!!! Will weigh again after my period and see what the score is.

    How many snacks a day does everyone have out of interest?
  13. Uniqua

    Uniqua Loves being slim!

    Bear in mind it may be muscle if your reaching your protein target. Have you measured?

    you need to speak to your distributer re snacks as I've not got your details here, but when they did your wellness profile they should have talked to you about how many snacks to have. Usual is one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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