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is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
Sorry ladies but i'm all fed up and want to eat all things fatty and grosse and there is loads of chocolate everywhere and it's not fair .... someone please stop me from going home buying sausage rolls and just stuffing myself till i have to be rolled off the couch!! xmas is sooo depressing:cry::8855:
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No, don't! I have just done that and don't feel any better for it at all! I have put on half a stone and didn't actually enjoy it. It just made me feel guilty and depressed then i was stuck in a downwards spiral :( It has taken me ages to get me head back in the right place to start again....grrrr what a waste!

Having said all that though, I do think a break is good but plan it! Don't go tooo silly and set a date to start again and stick to it!! I started again last week and dreading Christmas day, but as long as I am goodish and straight back into on Boxing day I am not going to be to harsh with myself.

Stick with it have a good Christmas day and don't forget you can use flexi syns occassionally too. Good luck and keep posting!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i just want to go me mental i went out for a meal lat night and it's that crazy hoemonal time of the month i am craving all sorts of grubby fatty food it's making me mental.


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I am going to go against the tide here and say do it! Stuff yourself til you feel sick then you will realise what a healthier lifestyle you have now. If you feel like you need a blow out then do it but prepare yourself for the consequenses first. I do agree that you should try to wait until Thursday though, it's only a few days away x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i'm gonna be good i'm gonna have two pasta and go's in \a bowl and eat till i'm fit to burst that should sort my hormonal mental cravings , one lousy visit to chuiquito's and i'm back to my old monster self , tis not good at alll.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun. Don't do it you will feel rotten, i know as i am feeling rotten after a few weeks off plan. Try and save yourself for thursday , then have whatever you want. However if your craving gets the better of you, don't beat yourself up, draw a line and set a date to get back on plan 100%. I have set a date of 2 jan 09.
Awww Hun!! I am sorry not been around much this week, been to a funeral today but just read your post. How are you now??? As the others have said, give yourself one day off it will give you something to look forward to, but don't just gorge for the sake of it, you will beat yourself up and feel so guilty that it could get worse.
Take care.



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I'm not intending to deny myself totally of Christmas goodies, but I'm going to wait until the day to have a few choccies, and some dessert... and a few drinks. Then I will make sure my guests take what's leftover with them. And I'm only buying enough for how many I have. I always buy like there's a hurricane coming and I need to get supplies in and end up with WAY too much food laying around for me to stuff my face with "just to get rid of it".

Make sure you're drinking plenty of fluid, like peppermint tea or something. Keeping hydrated often helps you stop compulsive eating. And keeping busy. Are you having people over for Christmas? If so, use it as an excuse to blitz the house... that keeps me busy for hours! Then, on Christmas day, relax a bit and give in to some of the temptations... but eat them slowly and savour them. Fully enjoy each mouthful, take time to eat them. Just enough that you don't feel deprived.

Whatever you do... don't give up on yourself entirely. Even if you do eat a whole box of Quality Street yourself, remember to still respect yourself in the morning! LOL! Get back on track in the new year and start again... just like most of will be doing! :) You're not alone!
can someone explain flexi sins to me? Is it just if you need to have a day off you can - then get back on track - or do you have to plan for it?
i'm gonna agree with taz hun normally i would say have a flexi day but seen as u r close to giving up i'd go have what u want step of the plan abit till 27th eat what ever u want so u don't feel deprived or u may feel like this isn't worth it if u can't do xmas. then afterwards u will get your slumb of feeling bad cause thats what coming off plan does then it will give u a push to start again.
have fun hun


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i was really good ladies i wewnt home and had pasta and go then i decided to go get drunk in leeds and it all went down hill from there haha
My first christmas after I started SW nearly ruined my whole diet as I wasn't prepared for it and took me til February to get my head back in to the right space. Set a time to be off plan and set a date for getting back on it and stick to it


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
ok XXX you have made me get serious hon no more messing around now i will be extra good today to make up for all the alcohol.
Tut Ria, you have been out gettin drunk in Leeds and you didn't invite me. lol.

Glad you didn't quit, I had a bad day last week and unlike you I gave in and then I beat myself up for it afterwards which upset me even more and made me eat more. It's a vicious circle hun. Stick with it and you will be fine, save xmas day for your day off plan. Remember though a day doesn't make or break the diet it's what you do afterwards that counts. I know I keep saying that to people but its true x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
soz ickle lol no beer tonight am going to be really really good today.
can someone explain flexi sins to me? Is it just if you need to have a day off you can - then get back on track - or do you have to plan for it?
Hi there

My understanding of Flexisyns:

Planned...If you know you are going to an event which will be difficult you can either set an upper limit to the number of extra syns you will have or just decide to have whatever you want but be prepared for the concequences and get straight back on plan afterwards.

Unplanned...If a day happens to turn bad, then draw a line under it, count it as flexisyns & get straight back on plan. If it doesn't happen too often, it is unlikely to do too much noticeable damage, but the important thing is to pick yourself up and get straight back on plan straight away.


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