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Giving Slim Fast a Go!!


I have been faffing around for ages and have developed a liking for chocolate cake since getting the implant in my arm and taking pill together!!

I am heavier than I have ever been which is depressing the hell out of me!! :-(

I am off to the docs to see if he'll remove the implant so I can get back to normal!!

After that I am heading straight to Superdrug for my slimfast supplies to try!! It is a first for me and I am quite apprehensive as I love my grub!!! But at the same time I do not want to get any heavier!!

Plan of attack:

Slimfast regime, exercise including jogging, 30 day shred DVD and zumba DVD. Twice daily vibrostep sessions!!

Will be on the forums daily for support and tips!!

Btw I am 5ft 6ins and 15stone exactly (ouchy) and a size 18.

Speak soon xxx Sarah :)
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Hi rowanx

I went to superdrug and bough the mix and some bars and some snacks. They were all on 3 for 2 and I spent £31.46.

Then popped in to asda to see if they had the shaker bottle but the biggest loser 1 was £4.97 so I decided to use a big sports bottle that I have at home.

Then I noticed the ready made shakes!! Bargain!! Bought 3 for now. That should keep me going for a while.

Have you tried asda's own make? Lots cheaper!! Will try these out first.

Are they filling? I love my food and I think it will be a shock to the system lol.

I have just replied to your, other post lol x I thought I was writing on this one haha.
I have replied too on there!! U can reply on here :)

It's fab having a few days off work :) enjoying having the sofa to myself and watching a chick flick!!

I have bought some made up ones for lunch at work just for convenience really!! I will make breakfast with the powder one then drink it when I get to work xxx
I've never had the ready made shakes, as I always found them to be very expensive compared to the powder.

I think it might be a good idea to have a couple in the car/my handbag though as I got caught out when we went to the cinema and then an unplanned visit to burger king! I would have been fine had we just gone straight home after the film, but I was starving, so HAD to have a double bacon cheeseburger and fries lol x

Mel x
They are £1 at asda at the mo!! Asda's own are 88p not sure about tesco's own. When my stash runs out I'll be trying the cheaper version!! :)

I've never liked burger king or maccy d's but I can't walk past a chippy without wanting something!! Where I live now there are no shops or takeaways so it's a tiny bit easier!!

Start again today petal :)

I will be getting up soon and having a ready made shake as I need to go buy a blender!!

Lass I love the vanilla, the strawberry and banana are nice too. Im personally not a fan of the chocolate and I hate coffee so I have never tried the coffee flavoured one.

I have only ever used the powdered shakes but I believe the smoothies are nice too.

I was dubious before trying slimfast but it just tastes like a milkshake:)
Hey :) I tried caffe latte ready made shake and it's gorgeous!!! My banana bliss one was gorgeous too!!

I'm not a chocolate lover but may try the ready made ones!!

Sarah xxx
Sarah I think the choc ones are bloody awful, threw mine down sink!! My fave is vanilla ready made, can never find it in a tin though :(
My OH didn't like the choc one either when I gave him a sip of the ready made one. It was ok, would be fine for a last resort lol.

I loved the strawberry powder one. And the banana one is luscious :) have vanilla to try but want to get the caffe latte one too!! I'm going shopping tonite so will need to stock up on ready made ones for work!!

I think last time I combined a scoop of vanilla with a scoop of choc which made it more bearable.

You could also combine vanilla with the strawberry or banana to make it a bit different x
Yes thats it with the choc definitely, it was definitely better when mixed with vanilla.
I tried the Bananaberry one today - hmmmm!!! Will be having more of that :)

Just getting stuff sorted for going back to work. Roll on 19 September for a week off :D

Sarah xxx

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