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....hopefully to come back and ss with focus! im having such a hard time one minute and perfect the next! i cant seem to get into the ss mode so im having a break and seriously thinking about just going for it. i WILL be back as my only other option is to get bigger which is NOT an option at all.

thank you all wemitts, you are a great bunch and very supportive, speak to you all soon xx
If you're reading this, I can understand why you'd want to step back because I'm struggling like mad at the moment but your post sounded like you're stepping back TOTALLY ... even from talking on the forum.

I can't stress enough how important the boards are to us now as strugglers. I've found so many times in the past (usually on conventional diets) that when I've 'stepped back' it means that I've taken my eye off the ball, relaxed, buried my head in the sand and that's where the slide begins.

Pounds creep on - pounds become stones - stones become the blocks that put you off trying again.
As I said, I can understand you wanting to take a break from SSIng but please keep posting ... maybe a change of plan - 790 or 1000 or even switching to a conventional diet. Whatever - but please don't walk away because without that constant prodding and prompting, without that focus, everything you've achieved so far could go down the drain.

Please keep posting!
what did i say about you wonderful people?!! thank you so much, marylyn, mini and debbie, support is such a big thing. I will keep lurking here (im SUCH a lurker!) and debbie, youre so right, i need to keep my eye on the ball and not slide, i certainly dont want to put on the 16lbs ive lost so far. ive a few shakes left so will prob use them up but in a more relaxed manor. thanks again girlsXx
Glad you are going to stay on here Lizzie ........... lurk or post and then whenever you feel ready to tackle whatever diet plan - we'll be here!!

Take care.
Yes, anything Lizzie .... BUT DON'T LEEEEAVE US!!!

<RD clings onto Lizzie's trouser leg and is dragged around the room!>
Ah Lizzie sorry to hear you feel so low, if it wasnt for this site I would probably have caved in ages ago. Just think about how you have done up until now, it would be a shame to put it all back on and if like me more on top.
We are here to help you and support you.
Sonkie..... sends Lizzie some willpower and encouragement
Hi all, yes I am really struggling to restart after Christmas too like many others.

I guess it is the cold dark nights, you just want to curl up on the settee with a bottle and a bowl of nuts. It seemed a lot easier in the summer.

Glad to hear that you are not giving up Lizzie.

Just try to brainwash yourself with mantras like "I need to get down to a healthy weight as quickly as possible" and "slimmer for summer" etc.

When I started this last June I felt that I had so much weight to lose it was going to be impossible and yet like yourself the alternative was to continue gaining which was a terrible prospect.

But the good news is that if you do manage to stick to a diet then it DOES work. It is not like taking an exam or a job interview where you can do loads of work and still fail.

Keep going Lizzie and keep glugging the water.

** send Lizzie positive thoughts and willpower **
(((Lizzie))) I just noticed this thread, how are you feeling today?
I really hope you manage to get your head around the ssng it is sooo worth it in the end you know hun, I know It is extreme and horrible and difficult and seems almost impossible at times but I promise you if you can just manage to ss for even 1 month you will be soo delighted with your weightloss and wont even consider giving up until you reach your goal!

Just imagine if you ss from now until the summer you will be 6 or more stones lighter :eek: how fab will that feel hun!

Whatever you decide to do I hope you don't disappear from the site, keep posting and when you feel ready to hop back onto this mad diet we will be here to support you xx
Where in Scotland do you live? I've just started so maybe we could help each other ! Chin up !!!!!!!!!!
Hi Lizzie
Just in case you're lurking and not posting at the moment .... thought I'd let you know we're all still thinking about you girl! :)

im still here and lurking! im starting to look forward to getting that healthy feeling back now when i get on with cd. im now eating proplerly and feeling slugglish and tired and just not so engergised so BRING IT ON CAMBRIDGE!!!!

just need to sort out a few details then ill be on the road to success again (for a while probably till this negative b*tch chatter box kicks in again! will kick her *ss to the kerb next time!) oh my god look what i just typed!! im full of it tonight hehehe!
Great to hear you sounding so positive Lizzie!

Just thought I'd let you know that my new plan (Cambridge 1000) is working brilliantly ... I started on Wednesday at 14.2 and this morning I'm down to 13.9.

Half a stone .... and eating too! The good thing is that I only have to cope with and have control over one meal a day - the other two are taken care of 'a la CD'! :)

Perhaps if SSing is too severe for you, one of the other plans might do the trick - something to think about maybe.
1000cal is amazing isnt it debbie?! thats the plan i was on but because i had to eat i found myself sneaking things thinking i could get a way with it! going to try ss, iv not done it yet so its worth a shot.

Well, you know we'll be here cheering you along whatever you decide to do :)
good to see your still around Lizzie, get your head sorted & you'll b well away hun
oh oh oh ive found a new cdc and she is FAN-BL**DY-TASTIC!!!! shes so inspirational and that was just the initial phone call!!! im so excited about starting again next week woohoooooo!!! and ive got a real life buddy in the fabby ANNE-MARIE!! im so chuffed and soooo getting back in to cd! cant wait to get my starting weight! ouch!!

helloooooo out there, hope all you wonderful wemitts are doing well xx