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Giving up?!


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I've been on the CD for 6 weeks and am thinking about giving up. Can't stand constantly feeling hungry and dizzy all the time. I have lost 2 stone which makes me 13 st and at 5 ft 8 I look ok. I'm a 14 - 16 in my clothes. I definately want to loose another stone and am seriously thinking about doing it on a strict weight watchers diet. I love cooking and I miss preparing meals so much and the enjoyment of eating. I have 4 weeks till a v important holiday and am just not sure if I will be making a huge mistake by stopping now with so little time left to go? My weight loss has slowed right down and thats why I have started thinking that I could loose the same 2 - 3lbs a week just by eating healthily. What do you think? x
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Please please do not give up now. you have come so far and done so well. you will have lost that stone in 4 weeks. Just think 4 weeks out your life is nothing. You'll go your holiday and you'll look and feel amazing. Ok the diet is dead hard. It's even torture but 4 weeks come on, it's nothing. I did Slimming World last year and although I like it, it took me a ful year to lose a stone and a half and i didn't cheat once. This CD works amazing. You'll be completely thin in size 12/14 for your hols. you'll never lose that amount on WW.
Don't give up!


can see the end in sight!
moggy are you on 3 or 4 packs a day?


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If you've only got 1 stone to lose you should be starting to move up between the plans anyway so you'll be reintroducing food and so will be preparing meals which might be better for you! Is probably better to come off that way if you're going to anyway, at least then you know you won't go mad and put loads back on.


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i gave up 2 weeks ago for the same reasons - i was at 10.7 and want to get to 9.7, in those 2 weeks i tried my best and didnt shift a pound! met my CDC yesterday and today im back on it and feeling a lot more positive than i did 2 weeks ago - i wish i hadnt stopped but maybe its what i needed. i realised that i wanted to get to goal more than i wanted to cook after work and eat out.

why dont you try ss+ or 810, you still get to prepate mini meals then?


I'll be honest - you wont lose 2-3 lbs a week on WW, not so close to your goal.

You will lose just not as quickly.

You have to do whats right for you. I also have 4 weeks left on SS. I know exactly how you feel, but I have made the decision to stick in, its only 4 weeks and then I never need see another milkshake again after this and maintenance.

Good luck whatever you decide.


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well i haven't lost a thing all week and i've been doing ss.

i started thinking about doing sw or some such thing as i don't see how on earth i'm going to get into a size 16 over the next three weeks anyway. and then i thought, but if you give up, you DEFINATELY won't do it. i went onto sw and ww one after the other for six weeks after christmas and remained exactly the same weight. although your losses have slowed down, they are still probably double what you would get on ww or sw. and after the losses on cambridge it is excruitiately painful to get the kinds of losses you get on those diets...

abz xx


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Thanks everyone. I have decided to stick at it for the next 4 weeks. I have just weighed myself and have finally lost 2 lbs and still 5 days till weigh in so it's not a bad loss at all. Guess I can just put up with the hunger. I am on 3 packs and a 200 cal meal but to be honest I usually only have between 1 and 2 packs and the meal as I use my tera like milk in tea and coffee. Must try to drink more water and all my packs! Thanks so much for all your support you have really spurred me on. X


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You MUST have all your packs or you won't be getting the nutrients and vitamins you need and your body will go into starvation mode. You'll lose lean muscle and not fat!


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Hey Moggy
Just seen this post..
Well done you for sticking with it you have done so well so for another few weeks its not long and you will get to where you want to be alot quicker than you will if you change...
Your doing great x
Glad to hear you're sticking with it. It's only a few weeks out your life! x

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