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Glastonbury & Slimmingworld


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Cans of baked beans and tuna! And a camp cooker hehe :) xx


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Food can be great at Glastonbury. Usually the veggie stuff and around the green fields can be pretty healthy. There are some places where I just think use your common sense - pasta vans serving pasta with tomato based sauces, morrocan style lamb with cous cous, some of the chinese and veggie places can be a good bet. Good old jacket spud with beans or HEX cheese.

As previous poster said, if you are bringing food with you then cans and a camping stove - that also works for the usual staples (mugshots, pasta and sauce, ainsley couscous etc)

For me though, Glastonbury is a holiday and a giant party (I'll be celebrating even more since I only just got a ticket in the resale so have only known I'm going for a few weeks - was gutted when we missed out on original T-Day). For me that means no campsite cooking - there's tons of lush food that I want to enjoy. I will take some fruit and HEX cereal bars for snacks but that's it. I will mix up my food options, sometimes I will go for a comparatively healthy choice, but if i really want something unhealthy I will have it.

There's no way I'm going to Glastonbury without getting a Pieminister pie (and I live in Bristol so there's stockists galore round here, but still HAVE to have one at Glasto)

Drinks wise - you can bring spirits (decanted into plastic bottles of course) mixed with diet coke/lemonade etc. Otherwise, all drinks will be pretty high syn.

If you aren't normally that active, remember that Glastonbury is a huge site, so you will be walking loads which means loads of useful exercise and body magic.

And hopefully it will be a scorcher so you will be naturally drinking tons of water which can help with your losses.

Last year at my post Glastonbury weigh in I lost 2lbs!!


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im also off to glastonbury again this year, there are fruit stalls & noodle bars just ask them to use less oil when they do urs, there is just about every food you can think of, my fave is ostrich in a wholemeal roll (good gal) a cheese & steak pie with mushy peas & crushed new potatoes(i know bad gal !!) but like the last reply says u'll be walking miles a day & i only put 2lbs on at the most when i eat what i want, so enjoy it x
This is my 7th Glastonbury and to be honest, I prob lose weight there.
You are on your feet all day and there is so much choice in food, its fantastic.
Im taking beans, tinned fruit, cous-cous, tinned tuna and will have jacket potato & beans...
The only sins I will have is Vodka :)
Enjoy.... :p
First time at Glastonbury for us although we are no strangers to festivals, just lots smaller ones!

There was a food stall at Bearded Theory festival called the Roaming Rotisserie, they will be at Glastonbury and if you can have a whole cooked chicken, looks like a nice change from jacket spud and beans, would not have the roast pots with it though as they are cooked in the fat that drips from the chickens as they go round!

I am planning on taking breakfast and lunch things with me and then treating myself once a day from the food vans, not sticking religiously to plan as I do at other festivals as this is a one off for my Husband and I, a sort of wedding anniversary holiday type thing!

We got married last year and honeymooned at Cropredy festival!

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