Gluten Free on Slimming

Mary Jane

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Hello all,

Does anybody here do gluten free diet on slimming world in the uk and if so can you help me at all?

Just wondering on a few bits. I do slimming world normally so I know all that but it looks like Im going to have to go gluten free but need some help and tips on that side of things.

If anyone does can you get in touch pretty please :)

Thanks XX
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Hello hun :) ,

I know it's not too hard to follow a gluten free diet on Slimming World. Below I am adding some links which I hope will help you. The only thing is, I'm not sure how upto date some of the syns are. so best to check with your consultant. If your doing it from home, then I would go along with what's written in the links below and monitor your losses. If your losing then its all good :D . Some of the links are actually from the SW website and others are really good blogs from people doing SW on a gf diet .

Good luck and I hope you do well on the plan ! :p

Kay xx


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How are you getting in Mary Jane? x