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Go hug your loved ones!


Gonna be slim again
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For those of you who did'nt know, my main goal and focus to lose weight was so i could show my mum how i used to look before i became obese! I decided to do this as she was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach about 4 months ago.

Yesterday my beautiful mum lost her battle with cancer and she died in my arms.
But before she left me she said how proud she was i had the will power and determination to lose 4 stone. Everytime she saw me she would comment how well i was doing and this is all the help i needed.

It is ironic how neither of us were eating food, and sad that i was getting healthier and not my mum. But she never complained, only gave me love and encouragement.

Even though i havent got to my target weight yet, this diet has made me more happy and more importantly made my loved ones happier to see the weight fall off me.

So what i'd like to encourage you all to do is go and hug your loved ones and those you hold most precious to you and let them know you how much you love them. I owe everything to my mother and wished sometimes i'd said that more often to her before she died.

I love you mum xxx
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hi im so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother, i just lost my nan to cancer on mon, and me to had lost 4 stone and she was so proud, but i just cant get my head round it at moment so having a break till after the funeral, when my head mite be in the right place,
Sorry to hear both your sad news hope you are doing ok remember there are many people on here who are there to talk if needed xx

mrs bee

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So sorry to hear your news, your mum sounds like a she was a wonderful person and how nice that she told you how proud she was, I hope this will hold you in good stead during the darker times xx
So sorry you lost your mum, but it was lovely for her to see you getting back to how you were, i'm sure she was proud.
sorry about your Nana too Tracy xx
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I'm so so sorry. Its one of my worst fears and I hate that I will more than likely have to face it one day. I am going to hug all my loves and I'm definitely going to see my mum tomorrow. I really hope you find the strength within you to get through the times ahead and I'll pray for you and your wonderful sounding mum tonight. God bless.x
To Sailor and Tracy, I am so sorry to hear your sad news :(:(

I agree we should all hug our loved ones much more and let them know how loved they are....I posted a similar thread two weeks ago on another forum that I use...(my friend lost her 5 year old daughter 14 days ago and I felt as though my heart would break for her and what brought me comfort was knowing I still have my two beautiful children with me....I hugged them both so tightly that night as they slept, drifting between each of their rooms) and I too, suggested that people should show their love more....you never know when it will be taken away :(

Deepest Sympathy to you both



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Jack so sorry to hear your loss as you know I am going through this with my sister in law. It is hard to find words at times like this but my thoughts are with you and I understand your determination to succeed in your goals for you and your mum xxx
You have done amazingly well to follow the programme at what has been a truly terrible time for you. I guess your mum's last gift of many was the inspiration she gave you through her struggle to go for this goal and lose weight for you both.

I have often been amazed at your courage in staying so strong, positive and fun whilst you had your mum's illness to contend with. Your mum was obviously very proud to have you as her son and I am sure that she knew that you loved her very much x

So sorry to hear of your loss Tracy, take care of yourself x


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so sorry 2 read about your loss jack and tracy love and hugs 2 u both xx
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Sorry to hear of your losses, I am sure your mother was very proud of ya achieving your goals, my thoughts are with ya, god bless
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Jack, your story really resonated with me - and brought me to tears.

My dad has terminal cancer and, like your mum is getting thinner and weaker as I get thinner and stronger.

I am so grateful for your post as I was feeling guilty about focussing on my weight when he is struggling to stay alive - but what you have made me realise is that, although he always tells me how beautiful I am anyway...he has been really proud of my achievements on this diet.

I hope that I still have a long time with him and I am truly sorry for your loss.

My thoughts and love are with you and your family.

LRO xx


Gonna be slim again
S: 16st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st4lb Loss: 2st0lb(12.28%)
Bless you all for your wonderful comments and thoughts. It really helps when i feel so low.
LRO, Your dad just seeing you looking healthier will make him proud and give him great satisfaction no doubt. But i like you felt awlful that i was intentionally not eating food to make me thinner, when i would have given up anything just to make mum eat something.
It's a hard road ahead, i wont lie, but you and your dad will reap the rewards of seeing you slimmer, even if it doesnt feel like it at the time. It was almost as if mum was saying "job done" before she went. Dont know if this makes sense, my heads a bit like scrambled egg at the moment.
I obviously dont need to encouarge you to stick at the diet as i see you have done so well and are obviously focussed, so well done. To everyone else who is reading this that is struggling or maybe thinking giving up, then please dont, your parents and loved ones would give up everything to see you slim and healthy again. I really regret not doing this earlier so my mum could truly see and benefit from my weight loss.
All my love


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very sorry to hear you lost your mum,i lost my mum just over a year ago, she had cancer, but that wasn,t what took her in the end! anyway i'm sending you a big hug,cos i know a little of how you must be feeling,im sure your mum was very proud of you!! she sounded like a lovely lady....take care!!! & a BIG HUG Caz x

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