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Go out or stay in?


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I'm having a bit of dilemma on the socialising front and hoping that maybe writing/talking about it will help me to reach a decision - to go out or stay in?

This not only relates to this weekend but the whole of my time on Foundation - I'm due my second week weigh in on Sunday and really don't feel strong enough to go out socialising yet :(

I've been invited out for an Essex Girls Nite Out - this would usually involve HUGE amounts of alcohol followed by a late night scoff "to soak it all up" - its not a regular event - in fact I've not seen some of these girls in a couple of months but I don't think I could cope with driving over there (using the car as an excuse)not drinking and watch everyone else getting pie-eyed!

I've never been that sociable sober so I'm thinking I'd rather put off seeing everyone for a little while longer - preferably until after Foundation :8855:

Any thoughts?
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Hi I've just finished foundation and the way for me to get through was to avoid socialising - it was hard enough having to cook/watch the family eat and drink - I don't think I could have coped with going out and still staying abstinent. I decided to put my needs first while on this and figured it was only for a short time. Most of the time I didn't enjoy myself going out anyway - feeling fat, uncomfortable etc. Do what feels best for you though - some of my group continued to socialise although those that went out the most ended up lapsing with alcohol and as a consequence food. Good luck whatever you decide to do x

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Hi...if you do not feel strong enough yet, then I would opt to stay home. THere will be other social opps, and its early in the game for you - you need a good solid start to see this through - so if there is any fear temptation might get the best of you then I would suggest giving it a miss for now.

There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself, and doing what is right for you.

You will know when you feel strong enough to handle it. I avoided all social things (like I had that many anyway lol) but I did until I felt strong enough and was glad to have done so. Made it easier, and that for me was my priority.

Good luck whatever you decide - just do what feels right for YOU. Your firends will understand. :)


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Thanks so much for your quick responses ladies (what on earth were you doing up at the crack of dawn anyway?!) I think I already knew deep down that I needed to stay in but somehow it seems better hearing it from someone else!

Like you say FQ I'd just be stood there feeling fat and uncomfortable (and sober to boot) and abstinence is only for a short time! Interesting to hear that the most sociable of your group lapsed - I'm determined to do this 100%

Thanks BL, its true there is nothing wrong with me looking after myself and doing whats right for me - it's just in the past I've done what I feel I ought to without thinking about what I really wanted - its hard to break the habit. Guess I need to get used to focusing on what I want for a change!

Looks like the girls will have to make do without me being on the social scene for a little while longer :D
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I have chosen to completly avoid socialising.

I can not do it, I am too tempted by booze and wanting to fit in.

Im not saying I would hammer it down but 3 or 4 to be social, but obviously that is not what you can do on LL. So I am out.

Looking forward to being able to go for a meal with folk in the future or a couple of drinks. til then abstain from social ife is my way


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Hey AJB!
I know the dilemma, i'm a student so drinking/eating excessive amounts is pretty much considered the norm! Luckily for me it's the summer holidays so most of my friends have gone home, it's just me and my housemate who are working over the summer. But two of my friends have come back to move house, and I haven't seen them since they left in May. They haven't said anything about me losing weight, and i'm not planning to tell them about LL as they leave in a couple of days and won't be back till September (when hopefully i'll be eating again)
But last night we were playing monopoly and the crisps came out, followed by chocolates, wine...the lists goes on! It's tought to resist and luckily I did, but am glad I don't have to put up witht that sort of temptation every day!


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Personally I would stay in - there are certain social events that you could easily manage but a girls night out in Essex sounds far to risky!!!

I have a family wedding to go to and have decided I will remain abstinent at this which I know will not be easy but I don't want to come off plan at all. I also have a week's holiday in a couple of weeks and again I'm going to stay on Plan the time on the plan is very small compared to the time already spent being overweight is what I think plus it costs a fortune - I think you are doing the right thing.


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OMG I am soooooo glad that I decided to stay in as I've just got a barrage of BBMs (BlackBerry Messenger - instant messages via mobile for those of you that are unfamiliar) regarding my decision not to go out! And I quote - "come out you need to have fun" (from a girl who doesn't know about LL) "can't you have one day off" (from another who does know!) and finally in response to be saying that I can't take a day off this plan "at least you are being strict with yourself, glad you are sticking to your guns even if it means no going out" - a backhanded compliment perhaps?!

Jeez why do people feel the need to sabotage :(


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Jeez why do people feel the need to sabotage :(
I think you're being a bit hard on them - I don't think they mean to sabotage, they just a) don't understand (and on one case, don't know) about LL and b) are disappointed as one of their friends won't be out - both perfectly fair really :)

Next time when you do meet up with them, imagine all the wonderful compliments you're going to get, and how great you'll feel in a much smaller outfit - it'll make missing it this time round all the more worthwhile :)


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Its only the thought of going out wearing my old much smaller clothes again that is keeping me going at the moment :( feeling a bit fed up that everyone is out enjoying themselves and I've only got a pack and water for company while staying in!!

Maybe I was a bit harsh with the sabotage comment but my friend who does know about LL has tried and failed to stick to CD before herself and was only saying the other week how fat she felt and was planning on going back to it!

You would have thought with her greater understanding of how I feel - suggesting I take a day off is just plain stupid!!

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