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GOAL!!! Setting a mini goal: 5 pounds.

I am setting myself a goal to lose 5 pounds. I want to "make a deposit" that I can spend on holiday. So, as of today, I am tracking my meals and exercise again, as that keeps me on the straight and narrow, so back to Sparkpeople.com!

I have just come back from swimming.

I swam 40 minutes without touching the floor or the sides of the pool. That burnt 472 calories!

I made a nice breakfast:

2 'fried' eggs, 1 piece of toast with 1 tsp each butter and strawberry jam, 1 orange and 1/2 avocado.

Total calories for breakfast: 394 That means breakfast is already burnt away! Cool!! I forgot how great swimming is!! I was swimming a lot early on but when my jobs went all squiffy and my schedule changed, I was unable to get there very often, so I am going to TRY and get there at least twice a week, preferably 3 times. I am also going to try for an hour a time which burns over 700 calories. I would have done an hour today but I ran out of time as private lessons were beginning. If I can do that 2-3 times a week, plus my walks to and from work, I should be in good shape.

Tomorrow I will go earlier for a full hour.

Will chart my full days food and any more exercise later.

Wish me luck! :)
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Oh my god. I just walked 7 miles. To get my haircut!!!!!!

I cannot remember the last time I have walked that far. 5 has been about my limit....and I feel really pooped, but really well exercised today!

Will calculate calories burnt later.

Feeling good. Good start to my mini goal.

And an hours swim to look forward to in the morning!!

I'm goin for it! :D
OK, todays totals, etc:


2 eggs
1/3 avocado
1 pc toast with 1 tsp butter and 1 tsp jam


6 dried appricots


Huge garden salad
1/3 cup cottage cheese with 2 tsp Pesto sauce mixed in on top




Salmon cooked with a wasabi/sesame seed crust
Quinoa with toasted pinenuts


40 minutes continuous swimming (472 calories)
90 minutes walking (478 calories)

Total calories consumed: 1523

Calories burned: 950

Calories in: 573

Will have something else in the eveniong, but not sure what yet.

I love exercise!! LOL


Is back in the saddle!
At that rate you'll have lost your 5lb by your Monday weigh in!!! :D

At least I selfishly get to see more of your foodie ideas!! :p

Is your 'fry' using water instead of oil so it's poached? And I've discovered Food Doctor mini pitas with multi seeds and cereal and they are yum and don't set me off on a bread thing!! That's down to you.;)
Hey Foxy! :D

I was going to post on your thread that my meals will be posted here for awhile, so feel free to look in.

I use Fry-lite for my eggs. I never used oil before....I used either margering or butter. But now tend to use Fry-lite, unless I am feeling decadant! :D

Where dod you get those pita's? Those sound perfect!

I hope I get to 5 , and then some. That way I don;t have to be too pure on holiday. I'd rather lose it before the trip, then after. Less pressure that wauy - so fingers crossed! :)



Is back in the saddle!
Sainsbuy's do Food Doctor stuff. I'm not too sure where the pitta's are in relation to normal bread (I had then delivered so didn't choose them) but the seeds, sprinkles and cerial things are usually with the special diet needs like diabetic and no wheat flour IYKWIM. (In my branch thats opposite the milk!!)

They are relly nice pittas and they do so many other nice bits too. Don't blame me if you get hooked!!

Fab new avvi by the way, love the hair cut, it was worth the walk!
For goodness sake. I weighed this morning, and it shows me down 2 kgs!!!!!!!!!! I am dubious, and think my scales my be inaccurate. Surely, without the drastic measures of LL, etc., they would not drop that much.

But, I did not weigh myself often last week, did walk every day of the week, TRIED (;)) to cut out some things, so maybe yesterdays mahoosive calorie burn finally started to tilt them, with the addition of the weeks efforts?

Not ready to adjust ticker yet, cause I do not entire trust them. Will wait till tomorrow. If it shows me at 68 then too, then I will change the ticker.

Must get a new set. Or learn to trust. My recent wiblleywobbly has shaken my nerve a bit!!! lol
I always am in pain anyway, so at least I know this pain is getting me somewhere, ay? :D
Well, had a lovely day today. SPent a good potion of it sitting in the sun in SB's garden, drinking coffee and telling tales. :)

I did not swim today, as when I woke, my whole body hurt. Not sure if its the arthritis or fibromyalgia - but I hurt, and felt I spent all my energy yesterday, so the garden seemed a pleasant alternative. Looking forward to a swim in the morning though...hopefully I will be back to normal. :)

Todays food:

Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries, vanilla yougurt and a swirl of honey. Gorgeous!!! So creamy, it felt like a bows of sin!

Snack: cottage cheese, jelly

Lunch: stir fry tofu and veg, apple, 2 ryvita, 1 dairlea light, pear

Snack: almonds, dried apricots, dried cranberrys, yogurt

Dinner: green salad with cold salmon and quinoa, dressed with pesto yogurt

Later, sugar fee jelly.

Calories: 1450

Very tired, had excitiment in the middle of the night - was awoken and notice strobe lights - looked outside and there were half a dozne police cars, lights blaring, weapons drawn. Two men being held down and sat on, threatening the police, effing and blinding. Seems they assaulted someone nearby and police found them outside. They were awful - kept telling cops they were going to slit their throats! They assaulted one female officer, and sprayed another with pepper spray. Our neighbour who is a cop went out to help, and sat on one of them till the wagons came and took them away.

Hoping for a peacful night tonight! lol
Well, the scales stuck, so I am 2 kgs down from sometime during the previous week. Not bad! I am now back to where I was before my hectic/stressful picking-sessions-that-went-wrong ;) Phew. Now, I wand to just dip below that a bit mroe and have a little breathing room for holiday!

If the weather holds out, I have a lot of weeding today, which will burn a few calories, and I am going to try and get to the pool, but just saw their schedule is severly rediced because of the bank hols.

My joints are all still inflamed, so we'll just have to see how I get on.

Feels good having this little mini goal, and keeping myself accountable. I think for me it is good practice and a good exercise to do now and again. Just to remind myself, I can have a say in what and how I do. :)

Starting to feel a bit sad - today is the last day I will see hubby for a little over a week. He leaves for California directly from work after his night shift Wednesday morning, and is on nights tonight and tomorrow - this part of the pattern we are ships in the night....so, going to try and get some quality time with him this afternoon, if I can get him to put the hammer and nails away. lol


Is back in the saddle!
The best bit about goodbyes is the hellos again at the other end.
Indeed! :D

Todays fare:


Porridge with summer fruits, vanilla yogurt and honey. (SB - I am so glad to learn about porridge this way - its divine!)

Missed lunch! :D

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Green Salad, Roast veg and lentil "pie", 2 kiwi fruits

Evening snack: Yogurt, pomegranates, 1/2 bananan, granola

Late night - 2 squares Dark CHocolate.
Lovely hair cut, hope the muscles have eased off a bit.

I decided exercise was the way to go last June, - that was short lived, achilles tendon did not want to exercise, went twang after the first day. Ended up doing no exercise ('cept the ones from the chirporactor) for 4 months.
Not one of my better plans

Hope your plan is back on track and you've managed your marathon walk to work.
Hi BL,

Good luck with your mini- challenge. Looks like you are doing well and I love the new haircut!
Good morning BL

I hope C got away okay. No doubt you are feeling a little lonely and left behind now.
But chin up (you only have 1 nowadays!) it won't be long till you join him too.
Great thst you are doing so well with your mini goal.
Must dash - work. Hey, the sun is just appearing. Hurrah !!
Have a nice day. xx
Well, its been a vury busy week, adn the weekend is no less busy. Hence I have not listed my food, but still on course. Unfortunately, between lousy weather and having to go to London for work, I have not got as much exercise in this week as I had hoped. Hoping to catch up tomorrow and over the coming week.

TOday I have had:

Brekkie: Toasted Mixed-seed Bagel, lo-fat soft cheese and strawberry jam

Lunch: A shredded little gem with Cherry Tomatoes, vinegraite. Yogurt with apple and pear and cottage cheese.

Snack: Apple

Snack: Dried chickpeas and peas

Dinner will be Lentil/Rice pie. (Left over fro last week. Love putting stuff away in the freezer! Makes life so simple!)

Sweet snack tonight will be Jelly and fruit.

Bought myself some new scales today. Mechanical, not digital. They are the ones with the little pointers you can mark where you are so easily see ifyou go above or below it. I felt my digi ones were become unreliable. THey probably just needed a new battery, but this way, I don;t ever need a new battery. :D

PLanned meals for today

Brekkie: Porridge, SUmmer Fruits, yogurt, pumpkin seeds

Snack: fruit, dried chick peas/peas, sugar free jelly. Not all at once. lol

Lunch: Little gem, shredded and topped with butterbean salad

Dinner: QUorn, sweet potato mash, runner beans

Night snack: strawberries, blueberrie, banana and yogurt with granola

Exercise: swam already 1 hour, non stop. Burned 659 calories.

Glad to have gotten some swimming in. Excellan calorie burner and just makes me feel good all day. Aiming for at least 2 nights this week. 4 would be a dream, but not sure if time will allow.

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