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Goal to get to 8stones

After successfully loosing weight I have gained weight due to medication I am
Currently taking and piling on the pounds so just had to start again as am worried I will end up gaining lots more. I am weighing 140lb and would like to loose 30lb. I was around 120lb before I started with the medication so have gained 20lb in 2months.


Have managed to stick to ss today with 3 milkshakes I had my first one at 8am and than got so busy at wrk could nt have the second one till 4pm. That made me feel like giving up but i think it was a long period where I had nothing but water. Somehow managed to stay on it and had my last shake at 8pm.

Finally completed day1 with no issues and hope I can carry on for the next 6 - 8 weeks to get to my target.

Think it helps me writing abt my day so will try and ensure I update my diary on a regular bases
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Hi well done on getting day one done! It feels like time is going slow now but before you know it you'll be 3 weeks in :) Good luck

Day 2
Today has been much harder than day 1. I guess all I am doin is thinking of food and wanting to have something to eat.

Am having my 2nd shake currently as still have the urge to eat something. my mind is telling me go and eat soemthing n my heart say dont do it.

I guess I will have to stay strong as usually find the 1st week really hard and i know once i stick to it the week after I should be ok but feels like a very long way at the moment. Once I see my result next week it will keep me motivated.

Its really hard as I am in a hotel as travel for work and i can smell the nic food in the restaurant.

Everytime I go into my hotel after work I have to pass the restaurant and I walk in see what the buffet has and need to walk out without being tempted.
Finally day 2 is over. Though my stomach is craving for food. I went to get some semi skimmed milk from the restaurant earlier and there was pizza fries pasta it was so tempting but I had to get my milk and walk out of there. I do add a little bit of milk to my shakes due to my medication.

I just hope my hunger will get better and I can get used to this for 5-6 weeks can't really wait to weigh myself on the scales. Am sure if I was at home I'd end up weighing myself every few days but I think I will do it on Friday before official weigh in on Monday.
Am feeling really hungry and feel I just cant do this. Maybe I can survive without the food but need a glass of Coke am so desperate. Tried having water, green tea nothing is helping my body please help and am only on day 3 which I am finding a struggle and always do
Keep going! I am on day 3 of ss+ and I do feel a but more in control than I did yesterday - I went to bed at 8pm last night to stop myself thinking about food!

i have arranged a girlie night in London with my best friend for December and my first goal is to drop 2 stone before then so i am keeping focused with that.:)

Have you go a mini goal?
you know you can have coke zero in small amounts?

go on, you can do this!


Feeling Motivated
Drink Drink Drink! Water is your friend, and will fill you up, have you tried peppermint tea?
Thank you all. And love the idea of having a coke zero did not hold back went straight to get one. Feel so much better after that just had half a can but now feel much stronger and ready to carry on. I have struggled on day 3 and 4 previously.

I have been having peppermint tea as well. Find it very refreshing

Are we allowed to have oats with semi-skimmed milk as a meal instead of a shake?
LouB76: I do have mini goals I would like to loose at least 18 - 20 Lb in 2 weeks if possible and the remaing 12-10lb within 4 weeks after my loss but it all depends on my first loss as when I did it early this year I lost about 21lb in the 2 weeks.
Are we allowed to have oats with semi-skimmed milk as a meal instead of a shake?
Gosh, no. That would be very bad and kick you back to square one with ketosis. You're aiming for very low carbs, and oats are about as high carb as it comes (with the exception of wheat - so bread and pasta, and other cereal crops.)
Hey guys thanks for all the support this afternoon managed to stay on track. I think am approaching TOM and my thighs are aching.

Finally day 3 is over wonder what day 4 brings for me.

Glad I'll be back home tomorrow and can't wait to weight myself Friday morning to keep me motivated. My official weigh in day is Monday but I need to see some result to keep me going m sure it's allowed at least m nt cheating
Thanks Spangled.

Don't we get bars that have oats in them or am I totally wrong as felt I read it somewhere. Never mind will check with my consultant.
nope - the crunchy bars (which aren't v crunchy - bit like a soft cereal bar texture) contain 'textured soya protein' and 'soya chips'. they seem a bit like oats but really aren't. the porridge contains a tiny amount of oats, ground up small - i suppose to make them look like there's more of them. from memory, it seems like there's the equivalent of about five oatflakes in the whole sachet.
Hi Sap91. I hope you are feeling better today on SS. I'm on day 7 and found the first three days tricky, but seem to be past it now.

Keep up the good work and keep focused on that goal! I just keep looking forward to my first weigh in and how good it'll feel. :]

Sarah x
Thanks Sarah


Sorry could not update my diary as was traveling pack home and was shattered. Day 4 was not great TOM started and was horrible so I had a sandwich eventually and coke as that usually helps me. I know it was wrong but cos I suffer from endometreosis I do go through the worst.

So I hope this does not mess me up buy one day should nt cos me much harm I though so let's c how day 5 goes.
Thanks Sarah

After having 2 disastrous days Thursday and Friday am back on the diet. Am so glad am all over with TOM for a while.

Saturday was good for me as I was out all day so did not find it hard as usually fond weekends hard. Glad I am back on track.

Not sure if I should do a weigh in tomorrow or shall I wait till Saturday morning where I have done my full week as need to ensure I have lost a substantial amount for me to be motivated.
I think that sounds like a really good idea. Give yourself a proper chance to get back into the swing of it, then have a nice boost when you do get you weigh in. :] Well done for getting back on track, it's always tough at the beginning. x

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