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God this is so hard and Im only on week 2!


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Im finding this so hard! I manage all four packs easily and my 4 litres, sometimes 6 litres of water but I can't stop picking at food on a Sunday. Don't know why it seems to be Sundays!

I picked at OH lasagne I made him last night then felt so ill. I don't know how Im going to manage until May!

Ps I've lost 8lbs in 2 weeks which was disheartening compared to all others in my class! :(
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Hiya Lana

I am afraid that if you pick then you weight loss will slow right down so you must try not to.

More importantly though is that if you pick you won't ever properly get into ketosis which is key to the diet as that is the appetite supressant that makes the diet bearable so you really need to be strong for a few days and then when ketosis kicks in you should stop having physical food cravings.

Just concentrate on how much you want to be a few stone down before your weddings and let nothing and nobody stand in your way!!



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HI Lana!

Perfect advice there.. it really is the case that you won't be hungry once ketosis kicks in.. I baked and cooked all day yesterday and it wasn't a problem at all.. in fact I have to persuade myself to eat the packs many days.. go on.. commit to it and you'll be fine!

Also.. why not plan a Sunday out next week.. trip somewhere.. visiting folk or if you have kids the zoo or something.. at least if you're not at home you won't be as tempted... hopefully!


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Sorry you're finding it so tough at the moment Lana.. but in addition to Icemoose's words of sound advice... you also need to not compare your weight loss to others. They don't have your physiology. It isn't a contest, it is your own very personal journey. Sod the rest of them. Stick to the diet and you'll lose more. If Sundays are the problem then sit and think about why? Try and identify the triggers.. is it boredom? habit? Try and go out for a walk if you feel like picking.. if its meal times then, for now, don't sit with hubby when he eats and ask him to scrape plate into bin immediately after finishes.. have a spray of something nasty to hand to squirt on tempting leftovers. The key really is to stick to it. 100% then the losses will improve (although 8lbs in 2 weeks is pretty flaming good!!!).

Hang on in there and get into ketosis and try some avoidance (of food) tactics and you'll get there before you know it! :) good luck x


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Hi Lana,

I always struggle on a Sunday too!!!

I think it is because that was always our day to get jobs done in the morning, then the rest of the day was spent slobbing out with snacks watching dvd's.

Yesterday was tough, My h2b gave into the cravings and made himself a chilli with noodles, then he ate some low carb pork snacks. I stayed on the diet mainly because I want to lose before the wedding and also because I don't like those things.:p We have made a pact that if he has to snack/eat then it must be things I don't like so I am not tempted.

Stick with it, once the ketosis kicks in you will feel better I promise.

Good luck with the weigh in this week.:)


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Hey Lana

Hang on in there! On Sundays come onto the site so you can get some support if feeling tempted.

I always find weekends hard, probably cos I have no proper routine and have to make more meals for the family and if I go out am tempted by all the nice food in cafes & restaurants etc...

PLease please please do not pick at food, as everyone else has said it will slow down your weight loss and make you fee even hungrier.

Once you get through the first few weeks you will feel better, and when you get wobbles you will be able to fight them off better.

Focus on the wedding and the being the slim georgous bride that you want to be.



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Thanks for the advice.

Its not that Im hungary when I pick at food its because Im greedy! I usually ask H2B to be around me when Im cooking so I don't pinch but he was late home last night so his tea was ready for half an hour which is when I picked at the lasagne dish! :mad:

Unfortunately, laptop not working so don't have internet at home at the moment so can't go online on Sundays. :(

I work 6 days a week as I have my own business so I like to relax on Sundays. I also feel safer in the house as we have empty cupboards!

I think the best thing for me to do, is make sure H2B is with me whenever I am cooking!

Ps A customer just told me I look like I've lost a lot of weight since she saw me last! :)


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There you go .........the compliments have started ! Remember that feeling and think about it when you mind is telling you to pick !!

There is no doubt about it if you stick to it you will see results. This is it for a lifetime - no picking EVER otherwise you will be back.

I found the first 2 - 3 weeks really hard but I don't find it too bad now and I baked the most enormous chocolate cake on Saturday and half of it is still in the house !

Just take 1 day at a time


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Hey Lana

Not seen you around for a few days (or may be missing your posts) How are you doing?



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Oh Lana :(
Just think wedding dress wedding dress! :D


Lana, whatever you do -STOP PICKING! Why suffer abstinence if you are going to pick? Believe me, IT REALLY IS WORTH IT when you see the rapid weight loss. But, as previous posts have said, you put yourself out of ketosis and don`t burn up the fat so fast if you pick. I finished absitence last November, have never been so happy in my life and have stayed within 3-4 lbs ever since. But it`s not easy - nothing worth having is.
As my son said to me when I was undecided whether to go for LL or not: `What`s 100 days when you`ve been overweight for so long?` That did it for me. Hang in there and you`ll be delighted with the results.
Good luck.


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lana remember

little pickers wear BIGGER knickers and you dont want that !!!good luck honey xxxxxxx


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Hi all,

Not really been around much over last week, not had time to post.

I still struggle at times, but now the compliments are coming and the inches are coming off, its getting easier.

Im just making sure H2B is around me whilst Im cooking just in case Im tempted to pick!