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Going Alone Diary

Morning All,

Due to my class changing times I can no longer make my usual class. So... For the time being I am experimenting going it alone but doing a diary on here.

Here's how I plan to do this. Either on the morning or maybe the night before I will post what I plan to eat. Then I will update throughout the day with any variances or (in my case) additions!!

Hope I don't bore those of you who decide to read this!

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So this is the plan for today...


B - Boiled egg sandwich (B)
S - Pear
L- Pasta and meatballs in a veg sauce (tinned toms, leek, asparagus, pepper and sweetcorn) with raspberries and cherries and a muller
S- apple & Alpen (3)
D- peppered smoked mackerel (6 syns) with cous cous, corn on the cob and mixed roasted veg. I will probably have some horseradish Mayo to spice things up for 1.5 syns!

My A choice will be milk used throughout the day.

I am at college today so eat more than when at work to stave away boredom!!

I have a zumba class tonight too (despite having tight calves from Step class yesterday!!)

Let's see how it all goes...
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Today has been a good diet day. I followed my planned plan but only had 3 syns worth of mackerel as that was 2 huge fillets!! So today I've had 6 syns.

Tomorrow is another Extra Easy day.

B- cherries and raspberries, muller & 28g bran flakes (B) (I love this!!)
S- Pear
L- Pasta with vegetable tomato sauce. Grapes.
S- Alpen, apple and cheese (A) (3)
D- Thai style chicken with noodles and stir fry.

The recipe for dinner came with my Good Food magazine in the little booklet. A friend has recommended it!

Thinking about it I had better go and get the chicken in the marinade!!
Gosh it's 17.30 and I have posted today's menu!

I wasn't at work today so my food was as good as normal but not out of control!

B- bacon, egg & 1 piece of toast (half a B)
S- 1 alpen (half a B)
L- potato wedges and a small wine (6)
S- apple, cheese and a chomp (5.5)
D- Thai chicken stir fry

I was suppose to have this dinner last night but the chicken was manky so we had lasagne instead.

So I have stayed within my syns bit feel like I've been a little naughty!

So far this week so good!

I topped last night off with some raspberries and cherries in yoghurt. 'twas lush!
Here is today's plan...

B- bacon sandwich (cooked, cooled and eaten at work- B)
S- grapes
L- leftover from last night. Raspberries, cherries and a muller
S- apple and an alpen (3)

We are put at 2 places tonight and so I don't think I will have time to cook. We may eat at the pub (not great) or get a Chinese on the way home (not great but at least I can syn it easily)

Weigh in day is looming!!
Morning All!

Well I didn't post this weekend, not because I am rude but because neither day did I know what I was going to eat!

This weekend was always going to be disastrous, I was out non stop both in the day and night and being catered for.

But actually I am 24 and I've got to live as well as do the plan and so today I am moving on, guilt free.

I have an exam at 4 today for a few hours so eating pattern isn't the norm.

B- sausage and egg sandwich (B)
S- apple
L- leftover casserole (5)
S- fruit and yoghurt
D- cottage pie stuffed potatoes and veg

Oh and today is weigh in day!!
Lost 1lb this week!!

I actually wanted a bit more but a loss is a loss.

I am pleased that I have a free week and weekend so hopefully I will have another loss next week


February is here and I am putting my January diet disasters behind me!!

B- Sausage sandwich (B + 2)
S- pear
L- vegetable casserole, fruit & yoghurt (2)
S- apple and Alpen (3)
D- salmon, new potatoes, green beans and peas. Think I need a sauce though... Any ideas?!

Really enjoyed my dinner tonight, must have sensed it was going to be good as I took a pic!!

Had salmon baked with lemon and garlic with "fried" chipped potatoes, green beans in lemon and pepper and pea purée

It was yummy!!


I'm late!! Not done todays diary yet so here goes...

B- fruit, yoghurt and bran flakes (b)
S- alpen and pear (3)
L- vegetable casserole (2)
S- apple
D- roast chicken dinner (at mum and dads 10 syns for 1 roast pot and gravy)

B- fruit, yoghurt and bran flakes (b)
S- pear and blueberries
L- beans and jacket potato with apple
S- alpen (3)
D- lemon roasted chicken, butterbeans, cous cous salad and green leaf salad.

Today sounds scrummy!!
gosh you eat so much fruit, you put me to shame! lol
I don't eat anywhere near as much fruit and veg as I should really, I think at the most I have 2 pieces a day, at the very most
There's 2 reasons I eat fruit...

1. Because I feel I have to!
2. I eat when I am bored. There are a lot of cakes and sweets around me and so its super tempting to stuff my face with them when work is sending me to sleep so fruit keeps me busy and is sweet so I don't scoff cakes!!
Morning to all that read this!!

Other than sneaking some chicken skin on my plate last night I had another good day!!
Here goes today's menu...

B- toast with peanut butter (5 & b) and pineapple chunks
S- pear and alpen (3)
L- cous cous with roasted veg and some chicken & apple
S- banana
D- spaghetti bolognese with salad

I'm out to watch Avenue Q tonight at the theatre but have opted to drive so that I don't drink!

I have zumba at 10am too which I love and it means I'm not tempted to go for a greasy fry up with the others in my team!!
Phew I'm back!! Internet hasn't been working on here since Friday lunch time. It's amazing how in already do used to writing my plan on here and sticking to it.

I put on this week at slimming, 1.5lb so my aim this week is to get that off.

I've set myself a little aim. My birthday is in 11 weeks and I must be at least half a stone lighter by then. That's more than achievable.

So yesterday I had a good day. Here is what I had...

B- sausage sandwich (b&2)
S- pear
L- indian tomato soup with fruit and yoghurt
S- pear and alpen (3)
S- apple and cheese (a) and alpen (3)
D- crab fish cakes and nicoise salad with rice pud (5)

I ate a lot yesterday as I was constantly hungry however I chose sensibly which is what it is all about!!


B- cherries and raspeberries with bran and yoghurt (b)
S- pear and alpen (3)
L- crab fish cakes and salad (olives = 1) apple
S- cherries and pear
D- pork chop with lemon and thyme barley and roasted beetroot.

I am going to a Lega,Bums and Tums class at lunch today. Not done it before so hoping it will be good!!
Morning All!

Here is today's plan...

B- sausage sandwich (2&b)
S- pear and alpen (3)
L- tomato and rice soup. blueberries
S- apple
D- I'm eating out tonight at a tapas restaurant. So who knows what i will have but I will be straight back on plan first thing in the morning!