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  1. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    Hi everyone, just want to say thanks for the support and help on my previous thread.

    I really do need a good kick in the head for being stupid, but I do think I may have a problem that runs a little deeper than what me and my family think. Well, my dad thinks I've got an eating disorder and my little sis found out about me making myself sick. And I've really got to stop I know, I actually researched on what it can do to me and I'm not prepared to lose my teeth and burn my inside walls heh.

    I'm off to morocco on tuesday, things may be better as it harder to do all my stupid habits since I'll be living with 11 people :rolleyes:.

    When I return I'm going to go see a doctor for my bowels, digestive system, eating habits and to find out if I have any food intolerances.

    Thanks again everyone for supporting me and advising me. I wish you all the best and will try to check up on you guys :).

    Love you guys, keep doing what you all do best, being amazing ;)

    Hugs and kisses!
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  3. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Have a wonderful time...good that you have spoken to your family...you need them at this time.

    Take care


    Yas, have a great time with your family, hope you can relax and feel good about your body and the amazing things you have achieved so far, be easy on yourself, but also listen to your body and enjoy eating food, slowly, that will nourish your body and hopefully you will get that "full" signal and stop. I find I'm a bit of a chatter-box when I'm around the table with people, and find that I don't eat nearly as much as when I'm on my own. Hope that will be the same for you too. Make an appointment today to see your GP for when you come straight back from holiday.
  5. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•

    aw yas i hope you have an amazing holiday and i am glad that you have spoken to your family. enjoy your time away :)
  6. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Silly me - I thought you'd already gone. I'm really pleased about your plans. DO you know? You may well find that now you've admitted there may be a bit of a problem and made plans to sort it out that you relax a bit and find yourself behaving differently.

    Anyway Yas - have a FANTASTIC holiday. Show off the new you and be proud of what you've achieved.

    Lots of love xxx
  7. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Have a lovely holiday Yas . hope you have a great time and come home in a better frame of mind to sort all this out. As Jan said admitting it to yourself is half the battle. we will be here if you need to vent any time .Breda
  8. Elle-Emm

    Elle-Emm Gold Member

    Please don't for one minute think you are stupid Yasmine, i do hate to hear people think that of themselves. You sound like you have a supportive, caring family who want to take care of you and help you with any problems you have. HOld onto that and enjoy your holiday.

    Take care of yourself x

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