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Going digital?

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Hey all

My consultant told me that the group is to shortly go digital, and this means that we will not be able to WI early now cos the scales won't turn on til dead on 6pm? Can anyone confirm this?

The class starts at 6pm, but she is there and ready from 5.45pm, so if I am not staying for the class then I pop up early to beat the rush! Lots of other people do this too.

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Don't know if this is true. Once the computer is on and the scales are set up as far as i know you can weigh in?
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Would have thought that unless they are having some sort of link up box as well, once the scales are turned on away you can go, they only use a plug socket don't they at the moment. Why does everything have to get complicated:sigh:


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We go digital on Monday...should be interesting!!


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Seems a bit strange. After all what it the consultant has more than one class a week or even a day, as many do?

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It might be true but it sounds like she is spinning you a yarn, to stop people arriving early!


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We have 2 classes and over the past few weeks we have been canvassed as to what we wanted to do about our class times as there has to be half an hour clear between the first class ending and the second class starting. Luckily the 2nd class don't mind starting 30 mins later as most of us go straight from work and I couldn't be early enough for 1 and I'd have had to hang round. But it's obviously to do with SW getting the data. Of course technology being what it is, it's bound to go wrong sometimes, so I wonder what will happen then?


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I think what happens is the computer logs all the activity and what times, etc, and head office then check that the meetings are taking place within the agreed times, not before or after. It's a restriction placed on consultants, rather than the computer being disabled outside certain times. It was probably just your consultant's way of enforcing that without going into the details of why.


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We have so many people turning up early to "weigh and go" and my new consultant will not weigh anyone until 5.30 - however, the scales and computer do work as I get weighed early (I'm the weigh lady!), as do the other "social team" members.
Perhaps your consultant just doesn't want people weighing early, we still get people turning up early, they just form a queue!

As for when the system fails Judi - it's a b****y nightmare! The consultant has to ring the tech support line, shut down, restart, throw the laptop through the window etc etc... but when it does work (95% of the time) it's fab!


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i think why should they weigh you 15 minutes before it actually starts,you wouldnt go to work and start at 7.45 if you wasnt paid till 8 so its the same theory its her job.She may of done it before as a favour but trouble is one does it so another one thinks oh ill do that too and before you know it the class is starting 15 minutes earlier
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I'm on the 'social team' as well, and I arrive at 5:30 for a 6pm class to help set everything up. Ours is quite a relaxed class and quite a lot of people come early, but I have to admit it can be a bit annoying when people are wanting to get weighed when we're still setting everything up. Our class time is 6-7:30...but now it's more like 5:45 onwards.

We've had no signs of going digital at all...I would dread to think how my C would cope with it! She can't even turn a computer on!

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We are not digital yet, will ask about it tonight when I go, on the class times thing- we recently got a different consultant and she had a chat about times etc and it was agreed that she would start weighing at 5:30 and the talk would start at 6pm, she is really good at sticking to this and getting people to shush if they are chatting when she is, like others have said it is their job and they need to run it properly, unlike our last one!

frugal fifer

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I asked when we would be going digital - no class in my region is yet, I then had to tell a white lie :innocent0002: as she said what made me ask that? I had to say a friend down south was telling me her class was doing it!
The things we do eh!

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