Going it alone & struggling to even start!

Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Lady_Amalthea, 26 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Hey everyone,
    I used this site for a bit when I was on the Cambridge Diet in 2006. I lost two stone in quite a short amount of time on that diet - so it did work for me.

    But a few things went a bit awol in my life and I piled on the lbs again and now weigh more than I ever have before.

    I can't really afford to do Cambridge again so am trying to go it alone but I'm finding it very hard to climb back on the wagon at all!!

    I just feel so disheartened.:(

    Any advice on how to get myself kick started?

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  3. Losing it for good

    Losing it for good Full Member

    Hiya Lady_Amalthea,

    I know how you feel. When you have been on the diet in the past, you start thinking about all the downsides about it which puts you off wanting to get back on it. But what you must do my dear is think of the POSITIVES. Ask a partner, friend, member of your family to take a picture of you today. Take down your weight, measurements and BMI and then start looking to the future.This time next week you could already be 7lbs lighter or more!! Use a tracker (I find they really help- click on one of mine) and you can see the weight coming off each week. My motto at the moment is nothing tastes as good as being slim feels and it is so true. I have had wobbles and down days but when I am at target (not long to go now) and I am confident, turning down losers that didn't want to know me before, struting my stuff in a bikini and smiling all the time I will now that it was all worth it and so will YOU. Write things down, talk to people on here and be unsociable for a while if you have to. Take action now- Feel the fear and do it anyway.

    If you need a buddy, I'm hear to help. Good luck with the journey xx
  4. Losing it for good

    Losing it for good Full Member

    I just looked and we have similar stats- you can do it girl xx
  5. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Full Member

    The hardest part is making the decision to start, but as soon as you do you already feel great, because you know you are doing something about it. I am currently on The Atkins Diet and have never been happier, I am losing 2-3 pounds per week consistently although I did lose more at the beginning. Seeing as you lost the weight before you must remember how great it feels, so don't let anything stand in your way, decide on a day to get started and go for it!!
  6. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Thanks guys... I have officially started and won't look back! Even put up pics of when I had lost weight first time around on my room wall so it's the first thing I see when I wake up. Motivation all the way!
  7. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Good for you girl, lots of luck. :vibes:
  8. Losing it for good

    Losing it for good Full Member

    You go girl, remind yourself of all the things you wanna be, very soon xxxxx
  9. champagnechamps

    champagnechamps New Member

    Hey lady,

    I'm with you on that 1. I was 10 stone in November and I've piled back on 2 stones since then. Not a happy bunny at all. Feel constantly depressed and eat more because of it. I initially lost the weight with the help of slimming tabs but I dont want to yoyo diet anymore but going it alone seems daunting.
    Its always easier with something to push you as in wedding, holiday but if you aint go nothing to push yourself for... its hard!!!
    BUT coming on this site does give u so much inspiration and its shows your not alone... so thx cyberspace buddies for the pic me up. XXXXX

    p.s I'll be waiting for your update in 2 wks time :) lets do this
  10. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Hi Lady A, have you thought of trying Slim Fast? It's reasonably cheap, and it's on offer in Tesco at the moment :)

    What sort of music are you into BTW?
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  11. zoe.

    zoe. Full Member

    I've spent years going "if only". If only I hadn't put it back on...if only I'd stuck to the diet I started last year, I'd be a size 10 by now...if only, if only, if only.

    But someone told me that its all a learning experience. Every diet you have been on or go on, every time you lose weight and put it back on, you can learn from it. You're not alone, you're not a failure, and it wasn't all for nothing. It was a practice run to help you achieve the real goal: permanent weight loss.

    That really helped me get my head back in the right place and stop beating myself up. I hope it helps you. Good luck on your journey.
  12. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Thanks champagnechamps,lunar_jim & zoe.!
    I haven't got off to the best start but I'm definitely on the right path.

    lunar_jim - I might look in to Slim Fast, thanks for the heads up!
    And as for music I'm a wee rock chick at heart....everything from The Cure to Metallica, System of A Down to UK Subs and my fave band are The 69 Eyes :)
  13. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    You'll get there!

    Some good bands there, I've been a Metallica fan for over half my life lol. Prefer their older stuff. I mostly like hardcore punk, and some older goth stuff. Still into Slayer haha.
  14. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Haha, Slayer will always have fans - even new ones cause their music-y goodness will be passed down through the generations lol. I'm with you on the Metallica front though - their older stuff is much better. :p
  15. Braveheart

    Braveheart Member

    You don't need to spend money on fancy products to loose weight! They may work, but they cost! There are much cheaper and simpler ways.

    Here are my tips:

    1. Count your calories (Use your stats, height, weight and age, to figure out your daily caloric needs, then you want to subtract 500 from that and aim to eat that everyday, I can help with this if needed)

    2. Drink lots of water, at least 8cups + a day (water helps so much in burning fat it's imperative that you drink the stuff! It will help and not only that make you feel better. Most people are DEHYDRATED way before they even know it, way before you even feel thirsty, you are DEHYDRATED! And this is not good for the body and fat burning)

    3. Eat protein, and at each meal of the day (protein not only keeps you feeling full but it assists with promoting fat being used for fuel)

    4. If you can, increase your meals to 4 or 5 a day (eating on a regular basis every three hours will not only stop you from feeling hungry but it will also increase your metabolic rate (metabolism) which means more calories will be burnt by your body)

    5. Eat fats (essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9 and unsaturated fat, you need to eat fat (but NOT saturated fat) in order to loose fat, simply because the body will not use fat (or as much as it could) for energy if it is not getting a source of fat from our diets)

    6. Don't eat a lot of high-carbohydrate foods (and stay away from simple carbohydrates (sweets, sugar, cakes, white bread etc) complex car'bs are good but for fat burning should also be limited (brown bread, brown rice, oats etc) simply because carbohydrates will be completely converted into glucose by the body (energy source) and if not used, it will be stored as fat! And don't eat any carbohydrates with your meal before bed, because these will be stored as fat!)

    7. Stay focused and determined! (Never doubt yourself or your plan, because this will cause you to feel dismayed and possibly stop! Do not give up and don't always use the scales as an indication of progress. You may well have lost fat, but gained muscle, so your weight doesn't change! So don't worry if you don't loose anything, keep going, you will.)

    Motivation tips:

    Keep a photo of what you look like now somewhere you can see it, I think you said you already did this, which is fantastic!! This will keep you determined.

    Have one free meal, once a week! Have one meal sometime in the week, when you get to eat whatever you want (within reason now! Not too much, for example a bar of chocolate or packet of crisps) this is a great way to make you feel guilty afterwards and get even MORE determined to keep going! Along side that, you will be able to give into any cravings which have been hovering around which will keep those things controlled!

    Hope I've helped, good luck, you'll do great! :D
  16. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Slayer was one of the best gigs I've been to, at Birmingham NEC. Which is odd because I always prefered seeing bands in little sweaty clubs...

    Hmm, I'm going to my first concert in ages this year, I bought tickets to see Placebo. Hope I can get match fit for then, gotta keep up with the kids there lol
  17. Galaxy Defender

    Galaxy Defender *Star*Girl*

    Ooh I love the 69 eyes! One of my favourite bands too :) And good luck with your restart hun.
  18. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Thanks alot Glaxaxy Defender - I see you are also a FF fan :) Awesome!!

    Braveheart - thanks for all the advice, I hope other people take note of it too!!

    lunar_jim - Course you'll be ready to give all the kids a run for their money at Placebo!!
  19. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Getting too old for that sort of thing lol! Deffo too old to be down the front, I'd look like some wierd old man! I've been in some insane moshpits when I was young, especially when I lived in London. Many a time I came home covered in blood from bust nose or lip, black eye, damaged other body parts. When I lived with my parents my mum used to wonder what the hell I'd been up to ('just dancing'). Good times :)

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