Going It Alone


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Hi all, this is going to be a pretty miserable post so if you're not in the mood, read no further.

I just wondered if there's anyone else on here that's having to do this completely on their own, with only their CDC for support. This is the second time I've done CD (lost 5st first time). I've only got 2st to lose and I'm really struggling. I haven't got anyone to talk to about it.

The friend I did it with first time round has lost all faith in the diet as she put all her weight back on afterwards, so she won't talk to me about it. My friends think the diet makes me miserable and boring (it's not the diet, it's being fat that makes me miserable). I'm boring because I won't go out drinking all the time, and since I've been back on the diet there's been more nights out than ever.

My mum lost weight doing CD and found it incredibly easy, and can't understand why I'm struggling this time. I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about it.

I know I'm probably being silly but I feel like I'm totally alone in this. Has anyone else experienced this, and have you got any tips to stay strong and not feel quite so alone??

Hope someone can help. xxx
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Miss Phoenix

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Hi Surfhunny,
I have only spoken to a few mates about it and havent told my family. They wouldnt really understand about Cd. My friends have had mixed reactions, a few have said 'go for it' and some have said it was dangerous and that as soon as I ended CD i would pile the weight one.
My advice would be that you are doing this diet for yourself and no one else, so dont listen to negative comments by people. You have this forum and there are loads of people on here that are going through the same ups and downs of CD and other diets! You have done fantastically well on CD before and you can again? If you are really struggling then maybe try another diet plan? Just a suggestion...but you have all the support you need on this forum and I am sure there are other strugging re-starters that can support you through the first couple of weeks.
Chin up and stay focused! xx


I ♥ CD !!
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hi hun you need never feel alone when you have minmins were all buddies here supporting, praising, and just general great banter like yourself l dont have a support network apart from cdc and here none of my family understand but l get all the support l need fom this site were all in the same boat hope this helps


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Not one person knows I am doing CD! Well, in a real world anyway LOL
But that's why I absolutely LOVE this forum - couldn't do without. Simple...
Wishing you the best of luck with your journey xxx


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Aw hun i know how you feel kind of. I have LOTS of support doing the diet from people at work and friends and even my bf.... but i not one of them know anything about the diet lol and i dont feel like i can talk to anyone about it as i really embarrassed about my weight so as far as they know i am just doing the diet lol. Thats why i come on here to chat about it to all you wonderful people hehe!! Who understand whats its like and how hard it is. Best of luck hun... pm me anytime if u need to chat xxx

Gaelic Faery

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Hey Surfhunny :)

You're not alone if you jump on here and talk to us! You can rant all you like and you'll get support. I'm encouraged by my mam and one of my friends, the rest of them want me off it. I have girls gossiping about me and trying to sabotage me and the lads are always at me to drink. I go on all the nights out, I go to restaurants and just stick to water. The funny thing is that on a huge piss up last week everyone thought I was drunk!! It's a case of 2 in favour of the diet and about 40 against it so I know how you feel.

Hope you feel better talking to us :)


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
Thanks girls, I really appreciate it. I've just had a phone call from my dad asking me not to talk to my mum anymore about the diet because seeing me struggle is making her upset :cry: Now I feel really bad:ashamed0005:.

I've just given up talking to people about it at all, so I'm going to be totally relying on this site for support. I wasn't really sure whether I could bear my soul to strangers because if my friends don't care why should strangers, but then we're all in the same boat and know what it means to struggle with a weight prob. I think I just needed reassurance that people would actually be there to listen.

Thanks again xxx


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hi hun stay on here as much as you can, and yes WE are all in the same boat correct.!! nobody knows im on CD and people ask me all time time about my weight loss.! They dont need to kno at all.!

Ive had a hard day today but still drinking the water.!! x
keep in touch


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yeah I don't talk to anyone about it only cdc and dh, and minimims of course no one else knows, and I prefer it that way


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there arent many pple that know im on cd either, my mum does but never mentions is, and some of my friends think im stupid as its not safe and ill put weight back on again, so im feeling your frustration too,i come on here to keep my head on track and to chat to ple like myself, youll be k in here everyones great and supportive :)


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you are not alone you have all us behind you.the only people that know im on cd are my hubby (cause he pays)my 4 children,granddaughter,and future daughter-in-law.when people start asking questions im just going to say that im just keeping to a low calorie diet,and hope they dont ask any more questions.but DONT forget you are never alone.we are your friends.take care xx
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Dont worry about it..i have hardly told anyone. Only my parents, brother and one cousin know..none of my friends know..and you are NOT alone, you have us here to offer the best support we can because we are ALL in the same boat heading in the same direction..weight loss and happiness.

If you need to chat..feel free to pm


x x


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I'm sorry to hear the lack of support you guys are getting. I have probably bored the pants off my family and friends and they have managed not to murder me in the process. I haven't encountered any negativity, pals probably realise that ANY way you can get weight off has got to be better than suffering the health implications that come with obesity.