Going Mad!


Hi Everyone, well yesterday I thought I was going to scream, I have found the cd fine for the first three days, but the fourth day and after that have been hell, I have felt really ratty and in a horrible mood, bitting everyones head off, and things really annoy me, I hope this is not always going to be like this, otherwise I wont be able to go out the house, as The thought of some one upsetting me is worring.

Do any one else have this?:cry: :( :tear_drop: :mad:
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i found days 4 to 7 worse than the first 3 days but i think thats cos it finally sunk in that i really couldnt eat. lol.

it does get much better tho, after 1st weigh-in it all melts away!

good luck
Hi rose, your symptoms are a typical sign of your body adapting to CD and preparing itself for Ketosis. Keep going, the symptoms will pass in a couple of days and you will start feeling fab!

I've been doing CD for 3 weeks now and have noticed that my skin is feeling fantastic and my hair is so so shiny. I don't have any mood swings anymore either!

Good luck with your first weigh in and don't worry about the symptoms, as the weight drops off you'll feel fantastic!


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Hi Rose

Everything that has been said is true, it will get easier. Just get past the first week, make sure you drink LOTS of water and your weigh in will amaze you and boost your motivation.

Good luck

Jazzy x


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im hoping that i dont suffer from the symtoms to much as im starting a new job and need to make a good impression


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Hi Rose,

As the others have said it does get better.:)

You are going through carb withdrawal and it is tough. You will be in ketosis very soon and it will help.

Love Mini xxx