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Going on Holiday- Survival Techniques ??


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Well we are off to Lake WIndermere for a week tomorrow and i'm a little nervous to be honest. I am really trying to stay on track. This week (my 4th week) has been a little harder. We are staying in a lodge so the self catering aspect is ok the trouble is, all the nice things that we have been making requires lots of herbs and spices etc and i just feel that it's not possible to take my entire store cupboard away we us. How will we survive??
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Just take what you can. Plan what you're going to eat and take what you need. Plan meals that use similar spices and you'll be fine. We stayed self catering a month or so ago and I planned what I'd need around how much space we had. Buy anything extra as you need it but you'll probably be surprised how little you'll survive on. There are alot of free foods around that need little preparation, we bought tins of things once we arrived and for lunch had salads and cooked meat bought from the shop rather than bothering cooking. You may be having too much fun to eat anyway.:D

Enjoy your holiday.:)


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Hi Donna, we are going away next week too so I have batch cooked mince and made bolognese sauce, chilli and the meat base for cottage pie. I have frozen them in bags flat that way most of the meals are done for the evening and just need to be taken out and defrosted. Ill do some chicken and steak meals tomorrow and freeze them so we just have to add veggies, pasta or rice. Other than that we are going to pick up good lean cooked meat from Costco on the way down and have fresh salad for lunches and side dishes. Breakfast is the usual eggs, bacon and free sausages with beans, mushrooms and tomatoes - well it is a holiday :D. Usually though when we have had a full English we dont really need anything until dinner time. Maybe a little fruit to snack on.

Hope this helps


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I can highly recommend Schwartz shotz spices! That way you can season all sorts of meat quite easily without lugging the spice rack along!

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But don't panic if you do have a slip up; it can always be repaired.... I went on a 2 week all inclusive to Egypt and gained 2lbs, I lost it within 2 weeks and was back on track... we are all human after all!

Have a fab holiday! xx

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