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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Fattyboomboom14, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Fattyboomboom14

    Fattyboomboom14 Full Member

    In July and I'm already panicking about eatting ect!! I also I have my first wedding anniversary in July. The last time I did cambridge I ate in July, and couldn't get back into the zone!! But to be fair I am so much more determined this time. Still very scared :( and don't know what to do!
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  3. leehal

    leehal Full Member

    How much weight do you have to lose?

    At the rate you are going by July you should be well on your way!
  4. Fattyboomboom14

    Fattyboomboom14 Full Member

    I have 11 stone left, I'm hoping I will be half way there by July. X
  5. minus117

    minus117 Full Member

    I've booked my holidays for June, and I'm sooo scared too *lol*.
    I keep thinking about it when I go to bed... like what am I going to eat, etc, will I still take my shakes at breakfast & lunch time (i'm on step 3, so i only have 2 CWP a day), ohhh my head!

    But just think, by our holiday time, we WILL be looking super =]
  6. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member

    Maybe if you set yourself an exact day/time that you will go back on plan you will be mentally prepared instead of just telling yourself "when I get back". I lost 3 stone just by healthy eating 2yrs ago, I decided to have a break for christmas and never went back to it. I think it was partly as I didn't give myself a set timescale it was almost open ended in my head.
  7. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    I went to New York about a month after losing 5 stone last time and honestly ate what I truly wanted but consciously and put on 1 pound in 5 days!!! Only wearing fitted clothes made me aware of body changes.

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