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going out for a meal - HELP!!!!!!


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Well, you have the option of not eating at all. That's what'll I'll be doing on Wednesday evening when I go out with my Dad and my sister.


Or... :D

Chicken salad, roast chicken without the skin and whatever green/white vegetables from the list you can beg for. Or fish... basically the foods you can eat on SS+. Stick to those and you won't do too much damage, if any.

I don't know what sort of place you're going to, but most even half-decent restaurants will give you exactly what you ask for - so if you want them to grill a plain piece of chicken, they usually will.

Hope this helps
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Hi hun, have you got you CD booklet? It should tell you ideas you can have, but try to stick to 810 meal idea so chicken or tuna steak, and small amount of green/white veg, and no sauce and you should be ok. Mushrooms you can have if not covered in sauce aswell. Avoid starter, and obv no pudding, also have a shake before you go out so you are not tempted to eat more than you should. Only other advice would be to drink water, or if you really want to have something else, my CDC has said Coke Zero, or most places don't have it so Diet Coke some people can get away with - that's what I had on holiday, and was ok with - but straight back on track the following day x
I had to eat today. I stuck to the green/white 200kal meals from ss+ and had tna with no dressing, cucumber and lettuce.

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