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Going over point limit??


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It wont at all just take it from your 49 weekly points :£
Don't worry.

I have done this many times. A massive part of weight watchers is not to deprive yourself so it is obvious that from time to time you might go over your points. But remember, everyone is given a 49 point weekly budget to eat into how they please. so just count the extra 4 points as your weekly overspend :)

Hope this helps x x x

And good luck!


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No its brilliant. I use my 49 points on a sunday so i can eat what i like but you can break them up through the wk if it suits you better . I lost 15 pound in 6 wks so dont worry it still works x x


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What you need to teach yourself is that this isn't a diet and isn't meant to be faddy. Its a lifestyle change. And everyone has treats in life don't they? The 49 are there for treats or occasions or unplanned moments. WW pp is great as you aren't deprived of anything. I use my 49 every week and I still lose weight but enjoy myself too!

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The 49 points have been calculatef by WW so that even if you eat the 49 you're still going to lose weight (largely calorie related i think but obviously pps take more into account)
I think everyone thinks theyre eating too much at some point but honestly it works- i think 29pp a day and no more would be far too little.
Goose1- I love your method of using your 49 on a Sunday! I love my roast dinners so will be trying this next week :)
Thanks georgia it makes me feel like im having a pig out but im not really cos its all accounted for and its something to look forward to. Enjoy your roast today x x
I use my weeklies at weekends, couldn't be without them, to be honest. I don't feel at all deprived then :)
I know it makes you feel like youre eating normally and my hubby doesnt feel as guilty eating nice stuff when i can eat it too bless him:)
I managed to squeeze in a Chinese on Friday night with some sneaky vino's and a roast dinner on Sunday and still managed to lose 4.5lbs - all thanks to those extra weeklys :) love it!
Well done thats brilliant x x
Thanks :) quite surprised I managed it! Had been good all week though and exercising! Have u tried zumba? I tried a DVD for the first time today and loved it, it wasn't too strenuous but still worked up a sweat xx

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