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Going to a christening tomorrow - buffet - help!

What sort of things can i eat quite safely on a buffet type meal?? Not sure whether to do red or green, am sat here picturing white bread, egg mayo, peanuts, dips etc - not sure if will be able to eat anything - am i better off just doing a flexi syns day?
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flexi syn it, enjoy it and curb today and Mondays syns xxx
i personally hate buffet food, try your best to be superfree all day, stick to omelettes, stir fry, salads, quorn and then when you get to the buffet you can evaluate what will be best to eat. id imagine if you went for a red day there would be chicken legs which would be a safe bet maybe there will be salad but avoid pastry and things with mayonaise. they often put on a hot dish like curry and rice so i would fill up on boiled rice but tbh if it was me id make sure id eaten before and have a couple of pieces of fruit in my handbag
Thanks guys! Like the idea of being superfree before I get there and see what is there. Have lost 1/2 stone in 1st 3 weeks on SW and don't want to undo all my hard work!!!
as for the flexi syns you could just be really good and superfree for the rest of the day and like rainbow said if you really really fancy soemthing go for it and get right back on track straight away, it shouldnt affect your loss at all. for me i would rather flexi syn a night out or something tho
Have been saving my flexi syns for nights out involving alcohol;), as am driving to this and won't be drinking, prob will be easy to stay on track - it seems when there's vino involved is easier for me to get tempted !!!

Thanks for your advice people, you're all fab! x x
BTW, how do i add a photo? Just managed to add a ticker - how technological of me!
Get posting girly - and good luck for the christening. I find red days are best for buffetts, but just keep neutral and decide when you see the food. x