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Going to be a yummy mummy! ^.^

Hello :)

I'm Joanne, 26 from outside of Glasgow. I live with my partner Scott and our 2 kids. I started SW in 2009 and lost over 2 stone! Then in March 2010 I fell pregnant with our son Mason, put all the weight back on! Pigged out and couldn't stick to plan :(

I've rejoined from the start of Feb 2011 and I am loving being back to SW, cooking lots and eating lots!!

So far I have lost 18lbs on plan and I need another 3 pounds to get me to my next shiney sticker and my club10, my fingers are crossed for this week but who knows? Might be longer.

I used to have a website for my weight loss but I love mini mins and all the support and information it gives you, I prefer posting on here ;)

I hope you'll join me on my journey to yummy mummy :)

Joanne xxx
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Wed 30th March

Extra Easy :lemon:

Hex A
- 250ml SS milk ~ Hex B - 2 Chocolate Weetabix (2 syns)

B - 2 weetabix with milk
L - Veg soup, Ham and LF cheese and chive cottage cheese
D - Chicken (done in so juicy bag 1 syn), roast potatos and sweet potatos, carrots, brocoli and sugar snap peas with mushroom gravy.

Snacks - Apple, grapes, melon and jelly

Syns - So juicy (1), Biscuit (1), Merginues (2), Jelly (0.5), French fries (4), Weetabix (2)

Syn total - 10.5

I've not been fantastic today or yesterday because I got a wisdom tooth out and I've been in alot of pain with eating. Anything big has taken me quite a while to eat. I think tomorrow I'll have some scrambled eggs for breakfast and see how I go from there. Dosed up on pain killers just now! :sigh:
Thursday 31st March

Extra Easy :lemon:

Hex A
- 42g rf cheese ~ Hex B - 3 WG Crackerbread/ 1 Alpen Light

B - Scrambled eggs, bacon + 3 CB with 20g kerry low low spread (2) Banana.
L - Carrot and corriander soup and even more leftover veg soup!
D - Quorn sausage stew with mash spuds (0.5) carrots, mushrooms and onions. Alpen and toffee muller for laters.

Syns - Merginues (1), Kerry (2), Milk (2), Cake (2), Mash (0.5)

Syn total - 7.5

Struggling with my superfree and all I want to eat is junk food. Feeling sorry for myself :(
Extra Easy :lemon:

Hex A - 21g rf cheese/ 125ml ss milk~ Hex B - 1 ww bread/ 1 Alpen Light

B - Scrambled eggs, beetroot and slice of bread and marg(1). Banana.
L - Chicken, black bean sauce with boiled rice (5)
D - spag Bol :) z

Syns - chicken and black bean sauce (5), fibre plus (6), mini mars (4), marg (1)

Syn total - 16
I'm so crap at updating things haha.

Extra Easy

Hex A
- 42g rf cheese ~ Hex B - WW danish bread

B - Mushroom Omelete, 2 bananas, 2 Clementines.
L - Veg soup, 2 x bread with lean ham and cheese in a toastie.
D - Roasted spicy chicken leg, Chips, Big side salad. Strawberrys, LF jelly, 2 merginues (2) nests and a vanilla muller on top mmm.

Syns - Merginues (2), HIFI Butterscotch (3), Milk (2), Mikado (1)

Syn total - 8
OHHH and I got my 1.5 stone and club 10 awards on Monday :D

Need a kick up my bum to keep going!!


Done it again, 3 weeks since I've updated! Doh!

Extra Easy :lemon:

Hex A
- 125ml SS milk/1x CL cheese slice ~ Hex B - 1x WW bread/3 WG CB

B - Bacon, egg and toast (b + 1syn) with baby toms plus a nana.
L - Veg soup, 2 x CB with cheese and some marg (2)
D - Beef ham, mushrooms, onions, sw chips, mushy peas and a fried egg.

Syns - Can't remember but I have them written in the kitchen.

Syn total - 16.5 .. which leaves me 13.5 tomorrow until I get new ones on Monday :D

I'm going to lunch tomorrow with my gran and getting a few bits of holiday clothes for the kids. We are away to Spain on Friday (Flying on Friday the 13th!!:wave_cry:) and will be there for a week. Looking forward to getting away and relaxing but going to be a bit on edge about drinking and eating. I REALLY want to enjoy myself but I don't want to go awol and have more weight to lose when I get back. If I don't put on anymore than 2lbs - I will be very happy!
RED :turkey:

Hex A - 250ml SS Milk/250ml SS Milk ~ Hex B - 2x WW bread/28g porridge & 1CB
B - Porridge(B)(A) and bacon medallions, fried egg.
L - Beef steak sandwich with salad
D - Mince and veg

Syns - I'll have some after

Going to WI tonight, been soo bad. Had pizza hut last night and just been dreadful all together. I'm fed up :(

Going red/green this week x
GREEN :turkey:

Hex A - 250ml SS Milk/28g Cheese ~ Hex B - 2x Choc Weetabix(2 syns)/2 x Hifi Light bars
B - 2 x Choc weetabix with ss milk
L - Baked potato with cheese, salad stuff and a muller light + HiFi
D - 2 Quorn burgers, sw chips, salad, beetroot and a tablespoon relish(1)

Supper - Melon slices and Hi Fi bar

Syns - 12 - Mix of things today, wrote them in the kitchen

Put on 3lbs this week at weigh in, made me fell so upset but I really want my 2.5 stone award. My weight had been up then down then up again, cant seem to get passed it! Going to try this week x
EE :turkey:

Hex A - 42g RF Cheese ~ Hex B - 2 x 400g bread
B - Bacon sarnie (1 for butter) & Melon
L - Macaroni cheese (HEXA + 2 Syns) with salad
D - Spag Bol, Fruit salad for afters

Supper - Yog & fruit

1 - Marg
2 - Cheese sauce
3 - Jelly beans
9 - Hula hoops
15 Syns

Plan for tomorrow - Weigh in on Monday!

Sunday 2nd October 2011

Hex A - 42g RF Cheese ~ Hex B - 2 x 400g bread
B - Fried eggs, beans and toast(b) // Melon and banana
L - Macaroni cheese (HEXA + 2 Syns) with salad
D - 2xChicken burgers (1), Veg & roast potatos

Supper - Yog & fruit

2 - Cheese sauce
1 - Chicken burgers

Thats the plan anyway! Been following strictly red and green all week then because i fancied mac and cheese but had already had bacon this morning I had to make it an EE day lol

Hope I get rid of my 3lb gain from last week and carry on to receive some good losses. Have signed up for the October challenge (8lbs) so fingers crossed xx
RED :turkey:

Hex A - 250ml SS Milk/2 x slices rf cheese
Hex B - 2x WW bread/6 x rivita CB

B - Bacon Sarnie (HEXB) (1 syn marg) Banana and a tangerine
L - 6 CB (HEXB) topped with cheese (HEXA),lean ham, tomatos, onions and beetroot with a scrape of marg(1).. nom nom!
D - Sausage casserole with turnip and carrots

2 - Marg
6 - Curly Wurly

Having a good week, weigh in on Monday. REALLY hoping I can get my 2.5 stone award eventually! My stomach has been feeling yuck and bloated on and off, which is making me grumpy :(

Can't wait for my sausages, they smell amazing. Got them from Joe's and they are syn free! Got some braising steak coming for stew tomorrow - the weather is making me just want soup and cuddle up on the couch.
Hi Joanne thought I'd reply to your query on here rather than on Hunca's diary :)

Kettleworx is a fab exercise programme where you use a kettlebell weight.

The programme is split into 6 weeks and consists of 3 20 min sessions - core, resistance and cardio. Each of these sessions focus on toning different areas of the body.

I have found the kettleworx programme extremely effective and although I haven't had a massive weight loss I have really toned up in my stomach and legs.I have some pictures in my signature link which show the resuts( I was never overweight to begin with just wanted to shift weight ive gained in the past few years.)

I bought the dvds from amazon and the bell from argos - the initial outlay is expensive but so worth it and when yoy have finished the 6 weeks you can start over with a heavier bell. I started with a 5 kg and am now using a 7.5 kg.

I have noticed that you've posted on the kettlebells thread but as there are sooo many pages to get through I thought a summary might help!! Any qs just ask :)

Good luck :)
Thank you! Did you just purchase the essential one for 50 the buy the seperate weights?
Yes it was essential Kettleworx I bought
KettleWorx Essentials - 6 Kettlebell Training DVD Set: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure

Bought my bell seperate from argos cos the one with the dvds was too light - I'd recommed a cast iron 5 kg bell to get you started( on sale for 4.99 in Argos)
Buy Maximuscle Kettlebell - 5kg at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Home gym equipment.

You might want to try tesco and amazon too for a kettlebell to see which offers best price but go for iron over plastic coated as these ones are quite slippy!!
None of the argos ones left in stock, damn! Will have a look on tesco etc thank you very much x
Mixed day today, Ive been good but my emotions are all over the place. Had some really bad news about my OH Best friend so we are a bit down today and I have just finished 2 out of my 3 outcomes i have for college this week. Hospital appointment tomorrow and college again on thursday, cant wait until the weekend - honestly!

Weigh in on Monday 10th - 1lb off :) .. I'm happy but really want to get my 1.5 off to get my 2.5 stone award next week. Would be soo happy with that. Fingers and toes are crossed!

Tuesday 11th October - Red
A - 250ml milk ~ 2 x slices RF cheese
B - 2 x bread ~ 2 x bread(again lol)

Breakfast - Bacon sarnie (1 for marg), tea, glass of milk
Lunch - Ham, cheese, tomato and onion sarnie, activia yogurt, banana
Dinner - Broc, Calli and carrot with lots of tasty mince on top

Supper - Pickled onions, beetroot and ham

Marg - 1
Crisps - 6

Going to need to make a packed lunch for tomorrow, have a bath and hit the sleep. Feel rubbish. Hope next week is a better week!

Hope you are feeling a bit better today, I can't wait for the weekend too :)
What are you studying at college?
Hiya :) Im feeling better thanks, today was a complete write off food wise, after my hosp appt i was feeling really down and just ate and ate lol. Im studying HND business. Are you doing anything nice this weekend? x